Pancake (Tricia Minions, Justin Van Groningen, Luke Smit, Marleen Dorrestijn, and Brendan Long) plays delightfully sweet and fluffy post-pop diet-punk crunk-style surfwave music. Their sound is crisp golden brown hooks, buttery funk beats and pure maple syrup friendship. They are known by their Calgary, Alberta hometown fans for their high energy live shows, imaginative outfits, and rollicking stage banter.

Pancake is currently working on their much anticipated debut full length album, "Breakfast for Dinner".

"Recipe for pancakes: 1 c sugar, 2 sticks of butter, 4 c flour, 1 heaping spoon of bestfriendship, and a dash of high end ultra fashion." - Justin VG (drums, vocals)


"Pancake has a distinctly promising sound and a lot of growing room. With thoughts of Stampede breakfasts, touring and playing next year’s Sled Island, they’re nothing if not quietly determined. Pancake is a shining example of what goes right when young, unassuming artists have big dreams and time to kill." - Arielle Lessard, Beatroute (July 2016)

“I want to see pancakes at all our shows, but so far the closest we’ve come is a cheese bun” - Tricia M. (Bass)

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Notable Shows

  • Sled Island 2020 - Calgary, AB - Cancelled :(
  • Palomino NYE 2019 - SOLD OUT
  • Pop Montreal 2019 - Montreal, QC
  • Sled Island 2019 - Calgary, AB
  • AB Music and Music Calgary's SoundOff Summit Showcase 2019 - Calgary, AB
  • Look Vibrant, Pancake, and Figaro - Calgary - AB
  • The Velveteins with Pancake and Thomas Thomas - The Gateway, Calgary, AB
  • FrogFest 2018 - The Lillypad, AB
  • Calgary International Beerfest 2018 - Calgary, AB
  • Bandwagon Winter Ball w/ Napalmpom & Swim - Medicine Hat, AB
  • Music Calgary's SoundOff Summit 2018 - Calgary, AB
  • BIG Winter Classic 2018 - Calgary AB
  • SOLD OUT: NYE w/ Napalmpom, Windigo, Wares, Betaboys, and more - Palomino, Calgary, AB
  • Magik Spells, Pancake & Fake James - Nite Owl, Calgary, AB
  • Gary's House, Unblonde, Soft Ions, Respectful Child & Pancake - The Buckingham, Edmonton, AB
  • The Velveteins, Pancake & Time Boy - Nite Owl, Calgary, AB
  • BIG Winter Classic 2017 - Calgary, AB

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"Orange Hair" & "Plastic Bag Princess" - Jill Orme (Insta: @myfriendsplaymusic) "Sea shell short shorts" - Philip Van Hooft (Insta: @PVHVisuals) "Pancake - Sugar Daddy / November 10 2017" - Holy Smoked Rosary on Youtube