Gas mask Jaiden lawrence lyncH

Gas masks can help you by helping fire men breath the clean air instead of them breathing the smoke πŸ’¨ and that is why we have gas masks 🎭 it was invented by Garrett Morgan I respect Garrett Morgan
You can whear gas 🎭 in the army
Gas mask save lives
Gas masks can be scary but do not run away from fire men
This is what they used to look like
Here is a fire man in a suit and gas mask
This is a silly gas mask
Like this one like I said it can be scary😱😱😱😱😱


Created with images by quinet - "Gas mask from WWI" β€’ quinet - "Gas mask from WWI" β€’ Donnie Ozone - "Hip Hop Gas Mask" β€’ Amort1939 - "gas mask pripyat chernobyl" β€’ Ted Van Pelt - "gas mask final" β€’ rockindave1 - "dark" β€’ quinet - "WWI German gas mask" β€’ blickpixel - "fire fighter fire wear protective clothing" β€’ frankieleon - "Child's Gas Mask, How Cute" β€’ frankieleon - "Gas"

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