What is red? By: mary o'neill

By: Lindsay Giglio

In this poem, Mary O'Neill uses lots of metaphors more than anything else. In one line, she says "Red is feeling brave with all your might." This is obviously a metaphor because it compares someone who has lots of courage which is a feeling to the color red.

In this poem, she also uses alliteration in one of the many lines. She says that "fire-cracker, fire-engine, fire-flicker red." This is an alliteration because she uses the same letter or sound at the beginning of or adjacent or closely connected words. It gives the poem more depth and more feeling to it.

This poem makes me think of the feeling of redness and also the color red. It makes me think that there are lots of things in this world that we would be missing if we did not have the color red. For instance, we would have red roses, and we wouldn't be able to express the feeling in a color when we get angry or embarrassed.

I believe that what gives this poem its depth is when she uses not only alliteration but also has almost every line in the poem rhyme, while the lines still make sense to the theme. This is mesmerizing to me because when I try and write poems, I either cannot find the right words to rhyme or I do find words that rhyme, but they don't make sense with the theme of the poem.

My favorite thing about this poem is that it really gives a vivid picture to what she is talking about, while also giving me a feeling at the appropriate time. She explains effortlessly that the color red is not just a color, but it can easily describe many other things that people do not normally think of. It explains that a color can also describe a feeling, not just something that is physical.


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