Golden Jackals By: Kailey Ward

Scientific Name

The scientific name for a Golden Jakal is CANIS aureus


the range for the Golden jackal is southeastern and central Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East and South Asia.


golden jackals are opportunistic foragers and eat young gazelles, rodents, hares, ground birds and their eggs, reptiles, frogs, fish, insects and fruit.

Physical Description

Adults are 74–106 cm (29–42 in) long, 38–50 cm (15–20 in) high at the shoulder and weigh 7–15 kg (15-33 lb). There is a 12% weight difference between the sexes. there life span is about 10-12 years.

Breeding Info

Female Golden Jackals have up to 2 to 4 cubs

Special behavior/ Unique Anatomy

Jackals will sometimes eat the remains of dead animals that were killed by large predators.Jackals are territorial animals, They mark and defend their territory very fiercely. Jackals are fast animals. they do a sound called calling.

Weird/Interesting info

Jackal communicates to other members of the community by yelling or yapping, especially when it finds out a prey.




Created with images by Bird Brian - "_DSC3190.NEF" • Dr. Tarak N Khan - "Jackal Canis aureus" • gris379 - "jackal south africa mammal" • South African Tourism - "Jackals Drinking - South Africa" • Koshyk - "Golden Jackal"

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