What We Were Promised it's time....

It falls on the HOA's Tennis Committee to stay on top of these issues

We are not nit-picking. These details accumulate and add up to increased costs and a poor reflection on our tennis facility and our community. Nor is this report a reflection on the VillageWalk maintenance crew. They work for the HOA and can only perform work when given instruction from HOA management. However, there should be an insistence that certain court projects are performed by outside professionals with expertise in court maintenance. It's not fair to the VillageWalk staff or our courts to accept make-shift repairs.

The level of quality homeowners were promised when they purchased homes in VillageWalk.

It is Time!

Per the recommendation of Mr. Pace; Reinvest in our assets, update our property and amenity area to remain competitive with other communities, and protect our investment.

  • Bring our facility back up to standard
  • Protect homeowner investment.
  • Reinvest in our asset.

It is time for the BOD and its appointed Tennis Committee to establish and implement a process that provides for regularly scheduled inspections, reporting and a procedure for requesting maintenance items, repairs and updates to the facility. The process should be transparent and include continuous communication to the community at-large. As a sanctioned committee, reporting directly to the Board of Directors and Home Owners Association, it falls on the Tennis Committee to remedy and stay on top of these issues.

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