Does Mars have life By Anirav Kareddy

As can be seen, mars is a cold desert planet about half the size of Earth. What makes it special is that the icy soil and clouds suggest that there is water on the planet, and also ancient floods ( " Mars, the Red Planet") . Theroeticly, it is not possible for mars to have liquid water due to its freezing temperature.

NASA's Odyessy ad detected sighns of abundant hydrogen in polar deposits. This presence of hydrogen indicated that there might be signs of water ice close to the surface. This could be the moment we've all been waiting for.

2008- Phoenix Mars Lander observed snow falling from the clouds in which conducted a soil chemistry test in which suggested that in the last few millions years, the area had a warmer/wetter climate.

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is currently examining Martian rocks and soil at Gale Crater. It is searching for the presence of various chemicals that make life possible.


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