Phthirapters Lice

Types of Lice- Egg/nit-nits are lice eggs laid by the adult female. The nit's attach to the scalp. they are usually yellow or white. The nit eggs usually take 8-9 days to hatch. Then their are nymphs. Nymphs hatch from a nit. Nymphs survive on blood. If they don't get blood then they will die. And lastly their is an adult louse. They are the biggest out of all the lice. they also need to feed on blood or they will die.

Victims- Anyone can be a victim of lice. if you share these items:hats,headphones,pillows and hair/combs then you could easily be a contender. lice is most common in younger children who are in pre-school and elementary school

Symptoms-Lice makes your head itch. if you feel something tickling your head or your head itches you should be checked for lice.The lice die over a couple of days because of dehydration. Their are also shampoos to get ride of it.

Lice hideout in your scalp,eyebrows,behind ears,on your neck or in pubic hair. they ca found anywhere you have hair

Transported-The female louse lays a nit egg or many eggs. the eggs hatch open between 8-9 days and attach to the scalp.

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