DR.Receipt Rajat Patel, Donnel Lao, Gurnek Brar


  • User’s losing receipts
  • Returning items past due dates
  • Warranty expiration coming up without notice
  • Customer Service – Customers with no receipt


  • Create an application to keep their receipts organized
  • Do reports of their expenses
  • Notify user when returns and warranties are due
  • Share receipts to other mobile phones or tablets

User Testing Summary

  • Buttons all over the place
  • Icons are misinterpreted
  • Layout kind of complex/messy
  • Too many screens to save one receipt

Decisions after User Testing

  • Bigger images, Only important content
  • Updated navigation so user can access all features from each screen
  • Buttons all in one area so users don’t search screen
  • One screen to fill in all information they need left after app fills information it recognizes
  • App makes report on expenses so user knows where their money is going

Thank You

Rajat Patel, Donnel Lao, Gurnek Brar

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Rajat patel

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