Florida Museum of Natural History By: Anthony Carpin

Nature on Display

This was one of the first exhibits I visited during my trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Being from New York, I have visited the Natural History Museum in NYC which to my surprise was quite similar to the one in Florida. This exhibit on display described every aspect of life for the seminole indians, one of the earliest inhabitants of Florida, which was quite interesting and informative. When the Europeans invaded America the seminole indians suffered tremendously and through determination, hard work, and perseverance they were determined to survive. Although the fight for survival was ongoing, I took the time to learn about the natural artwork produced by the women of the tribe. Here, this particular woman was sewing together strips of cloth in order to make specific patchwork. It was interesting to see the tools and materials used and how they were quite similar to today's society as well. Overall, it was interesting to see what pieces of nature were combined in order to make certain tools and clothes used by the seminole indians.

Nature and Ethics

Here I am in the unique butterfly exhibit that the Florida Natural History Museum has to offer. I have never experienced an exhibit that was quite as abstract as this one. Normally, a museum has an exhibit that you can only look at. The butterfly museum allowed for self emersion in the actual experience, in which enhanced the experienced in itself. People were quite amazed at the vast amounts of detail that was incorporated into the exhibit and how natural it felt as well. Being able to get up close and personal with the butterflies in their own habitat was unlike any museum experience I have ever had. This allowed for my admiration of nature, in this case butterflies and their habitat to increase tremendously. The vibrant colors of each butterfly also was amazing to see in person as I never realized how vast the butterfly population actually was.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The overall experience at the Florida Natural History Museum was quite enjoyable, informative, and very fun. The exhibit's on display allowed for me to experience the true beauty and wonders that the world has to display. For example the picture on the left was the jaws of a Megladon shark which shows the true power and beauty that mother nature posses. To the right, the 15ft giant skeleton of the giant ground sloth towered over me as I got to experience one of the most unique creatures in the world. These specific exhibits allowed for me to truly experience and better understand who we are and my appreciation for the world around us.

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