Team work is the most important thing in the world, it helps to get goals and to get the triumphs. I already lived this experience the last year, we were excited, we did a great job, today we are one of the best teams, I'm proud because of my team and the effort that we have, "give up"? We don't know that word, I loved the making process, I loved the work of my mates, and I know the 24 team will never die" -Eduardo Vázquez

In my part it was so difficult but at the same time I really like because we were inspired and we want to do a very good Vidiomas we make the story but we have to change it many times cause I broke my leg and sometimes we can't film many parts then we were working down preassure, we fight, we laugh and we get angry but im very happy with my team and the work that we did im so proud of them #Team24 #TeamAlvaro -Gustavo Albarrán

First, i will like to say that it was difficult to make the filming, i have to recognize that we fight a couple of times, but the reason was that we all wanted to make a winner Videomas to our Teacher Alvaro, but at the end of the day all of us put a lot of effort and we get good results about that, as conclusion i want to say that we aren´t just classmates, we are a team that we help us to each other, no matter what happened we end it as the best friends that we are -Eduardo Silva Orantes #TeamAlvaro

For me this was one of the best experiences that I have experienced along with last year and luckily this year the family of 24 grew! It was very nice to see how the team put a lot of their part to do this. I'll always remember this and see you next year!!! #TeamAlvaro -Ana Paula Palacios

At first I want to say thanks to my teem which adopted me, I feel very grateful with all of my team for making me part of a big dream. It was amazing to be part of a team that make almost the impossible things to make a good vidiomas. The team put all his effort in this vidio, and now I can say how proud I'm to be in a team, that limits doesn't exist. And one thing that I learn while we were making the vidiomas is that doing things with people who never give up, and are optimists will never fail. Also we couldn't make that with out the tips and help teacher Alvaro gave us!- Mariana Orantes

Doing a good vidiomas is not a question of the sets or the camera or even the edition the most important thing to do a vidiomas are the people in your team because if they are not willing to record and give everything to make the video go well Final there is no good result that is why as a director I am happy with the experience lived with the other team members since in the end everyone was to record when it was needed and all cooperated that is why the vidioma in my opinion was the best And I could not have asked for better team also for a better teacher#team alvaro

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