Tour of the Harn Sydney Wallace

Last week I took a tour of the Museum of the Harn which is a pretty modern place. You see I have never been to a museum before and was expecting it to be really old, almost like a haunted house for some reason. I actually thought i walked into an office building when I go there and had to clarify that I was at the right place with the lady sitting in the front. Anyways, this another story of how I was forced to do something I could have happily gone my whole life without doing but there is that annoying class Welcome to the Good Life that am taking. I was required to take four fun filled photos of me spending a beautiful afternoon stuck in a museum. Wonderful stuff really.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: For this I was supposed to take a picture of a piece artwork that looked different to me in person. The photo for this one is what I first thought to be a plain rock. I thought it was unbelievable that a rock was on display in the museum but whatever, I guess that is art. Upon closer inspection I realized there was a little more to it and it had some design. it made it a tad bit more understanding as to why it was in a museum. I guess it is a good thing I saw it in in person or else I would have just thought it to be a rock. Now I think it is a fancy rock.

Design of the Museum: This is the Asian art wing of the museum. I was drawn to it mostly from the entrance. I loved the dark wood that made it look very refined and the ope space that followed it. It was different from the rest of the place that was mostly light coloring and this wing also had some natural lighting from outside which I liked. It made me feel less trapped in a place I never wanted to go to.

Art and Core Values: This picture depicts a common theme about death in mexico where they would use laughing decorative sculls. I love it. I hate how sad most people make death out to be with all black funerals, white flowers, and seeing a person be put 6 feet under. This picture represents how I feel we should act. Instead of being filled with sorrow and mourning all day I think we should celebrate that we are still here to be able to celebrate. This picture made me smile when I saw it which was rare as I was walking through the museum.

Art and the Good Life: In my opinion the Good Life theme depicted here is peace and contentment along with some beauty. This picture shows children in school uniforms probably taking a recess break. I think they are lucky, not everybody gets to go to school yet that chance. On top pf that it shows the children relaxing during a break. In my opinion this is a fitting form of the good life.


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