Temperate Rainforests Washington, usa

  • Average Rainfall: 60 inches, Min 13 inches Max 120 inches.
  • Average Temperature : 70°F, Ranges 32°F to 82°F
  • Different Seasons: Temperate rainforests have 2 distinct season, they have one long, wet season and one short, dry, and foggy season.

Net Primary Productivity

The Temperate rainforests are among the most efficient ecosystems. They produce, on average, have 6,000 Kilocalories per square meter per year. The most efficient ones generally have about 9,000. Temperate rainforests have a latitudinal range from about 40° North to 60° North. Temperate Rainforests have an incredible diversity of life, both plant and animal.

Soil Quality

Soil found in temperate rainforests is much richer and darker than other rainforests due to the incredible diversity and amount of trees.

Invasive and Endangered Species

The Red wolf is a species that has been endangered since 1960, It is also one of the most endangered species of all time. They have been reduced to under 10% of their original population.

Animals in the Biome

Roosevelt elks are the largest variety of elks in North America. They are very adaptable, they can in the meadows and grasslands of the rainforest and can eat many different kinds of plants.

Mountain Lions generally eat elk, porcupines, deer, and other types of prey. In Temperate rainforests there is an abundance of these animals. The thick cover of the rainforest hides them while they stalk their prey.

The tree frogs can change color to adapt to their environment allowing them to hide in plain sight.


The Western Skunk Cabbage has a pungent smell that discourages any animals from eating it, yet, this smell attracts bees and other insects to come and pollinate.

The redwood trees are incredibly massive, this allows them to stand up to floods and heavy winds.

Fireweed is well adapted to being disturbed, this is great because there is constant rain and animals, this adaptations allows them to survive.

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