Haiti Max Hebisen

The Atlantic Ocean, Pacific ocean, & Dominican Republic border Haiti. Haiti is located in North America in the Northern hemisphere. The capital of Haiti is Port-Au Prince. The coordinates of Haiti is 76 degrees, west, 17 degrees, North.

Haiti's only major physical feature is the river, Arbonite. It flows through the Dominican Republic. It is the wettest area in Haiti and way wetter than most areas in Haiti, which is why it's a major physical feature Haiti is in the tropical zone, which means it's hot about all year.

About ten point five million people live in Haiti. About nine hundred eighty nine people per square live in Haiti. Haiti's population growth rate is about 1.2%. About four million people are moving to Haiti. About six million people are leaving Haiti. Therefore, more people are leaving than moving to Haiti. This can only be because Haiti is still developing.

Haiti IS still developing, because the GDP per capita is about $1300, which is about $100 per month and you can't buy much with $100. Haiti's life expectancy Haiti's life expectancy is low, compared to USA, by twenty two years. USA's life expectancy is eighty five years. Haiti's literacy rate is fifteen years, which is also low, compared to USA, by ten years. USA's literacy rate is five years.

Haitians eat black rice, beans, stew, cooked vegetables , goat meat, bean paste, etc. They drink all kinds of different varieties of drinks. Of course, water is one of them.

There are all sorts of sports in Haiti, but the most popular sport is football. They also play basketball, soccer (USA is the only country that doesn't call soccer football), etc. So basically, they play ball sports.

Though Haiti is a poor country, a lot of its landmarks are really nice. They have very great ponds and sights. Most of them aren't so nice, but a lot of them are amazing.


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