Hums h3 By darcy palimaka 9E

“Step 1: Show evidence that you have completed Task 1, 2 and 3 from Tutorial One

Task 1: Understanding micro and macro economics

Task 2: How would you invest?

Task 3: Banking and investments questions"

Task one

“Step 2: Supply and Demand Graphs

The graph below shows a scenario where the market (equilibrium) price for coffee has increased, due to a change in supply. Explain what has happened to the supply (increase/decrease) and come up with a scenario why this change may have happened."

It shows that the old coffee beans have had more quantity that the new, it is also cheaper. The new coffee bean have lost quantity so it has gone up in price.

“Step 3: Explain at least three risks involved with investing in the stock market and then answer the following questions.

What is an opportunity cost of investing your money in the stock market:

If the company gets big and you pay for 10%, you can get 10% of the money that the make over time

Name an investment that would be more risky than investing in the stock market? Explain why.

Gambling is one because the is A very high chance that you can lose your money. Example: lottery tickets and going to casinos

“Name an investment that would be less risky than investing in the stock market? Explain why:"

Bond and Income Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trusts.

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