Supreme Court Case Project

Marburg VS.Madison

The U.S Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction to review state court civil judgement sin accordance with the constitution and federal law. In 1803 Marburg and Madison establishes judicial review as a check on legislative power. If the constitution is the supreme law of the land, something must ensure laws are in accordance with it. Judgement against commission.

Plessy VS. Ferguson

The Supreme Court case that violated the 14th amendment. The 14th Amendment declared that all people born or naturalized in U.S were entitled equal rights regardless of their race. The races kept apart by law and the races hosed not to be apart. Plessy VS. Ferguson courts case that legislated "Separate but Equal".

Mapp VS. Ohio

The Supreme Court accomplished this by use of a principle known as selective incorporation; in this case this involved the incorporation of the provisions, as construed by the Court, of the Fourth Amendment which are literally applicable only to actions of the federal government into the Fourteenth Amendment due process clause which is literally applicable to actions of the states.

Gregg VS. Georgia

Gregg was charged and found guilty of robbery and murder and sentenced to death. Result: The death sentence is not cruel and unusual punishment if the crime is a severe criminal case.

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