Magnesium Seth mckinsey

Magnesium atomic # is 12 and the atomic mass is 24.305
It has has 12 protons , 12 neutrons , and 12 electrons
magnesium is a solid and it is also a metal
The man that discovered it was a man named Joseph Black and it was discovered in 1755.
magnesium can be used can be used for medicine it helps with things like muscle cramps.
magnesium is mostly gray- white , it's very light , it melt very slow.
magnesium is very flammable especially when it is shaved or powdered , it gives off a light when it is ignited , magnesium is also very smooth.
Some unusual facts about magnesium is that in every green plant there is a little magnesium ion , Magnesium can also be found in the sea , a human body needs to have some magnesium in its body in order to live.


Created with images by Science Activism - "012 Magnesium - Periodic Table of Elements" • James St. John - "Dolomite after calcite (Boldut Mine, Cavnic, Maramures County, Romania) 2" • James St. John - "Magnesio-foitite tourmaline (Antananarivo Province, Madagascar) 1" • James St. John - "Galena-dolomite (Big Bear Orebody, Fletcher Mine, Reynolds County, Missouri, USA) 2" • James St. John - "Spinifex metakomatiite (serpentinite) (Komati Formation, Paleoarchean, 3.481-3.482 Ga; Komati River Valley, South Africa) 1" • PublicDomainPictures - "salt dead sea" • James St. John - "Stichtitic serpentinite (Dundas Ultramafic Complex, Cambrian; Stichtite Hill, western Tasmania)" • subarcticmike - "Saddle Dolomite on Sphalerite"

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