CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 6 | 8 May

Principal’s Column

I hope you are all well and have found your groove to our new way of living. It still is surreal. I find myself thinking that I am in some science fiction movie when I go to the shops, listening to social distancing announcements and observing people with masks dodging people in between isles and caking on hand sanitiser. Can this really be our new normal?

During conversations with parents (from our school and others), I always get asked if I know anything about when school will return and how it will look like. Unfortunately, the general public seem to find out before we do. Fingers crossed, next week, we will hopefully all get an understanding of how our new normal will look like.

I myself have been wondering how school in particular will look like upon our return and how we can get back to some sort of normal. The truth is, no one knows. This is new to everyone. In these times, excercisng our creative minds has been essential. We have had to think of systems and programs that have never existed before. During this challenge, I have been greatly impressed with my team. I have seen innovation and positive change at the highest level. I could not have lead such a great school without such a great team. From leadership, to our teachers, to our ES staff: every staff member has united to create such a great program for our students. I am very blessed to be the Principal of Coburg North PS.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my team. You are the greatest!


I’d also like to publicaly acknowledge the work of our parents managing their children’s learning at home while working. I think you are all pretty amazing and I thank you for your support and beautiful words of praise for our school. We have very much loved hearing your kind words :) Keep them coming!


Happy Mother’s Day

I’d like to wish all the mothers, mums, mumma, ma, nana, oma, and significant others in our lives a very special Mother’s Day. This Sunday show your special person that you care with breakfast in bed (if you can handle the crumbs), a handmade card and cake. Enjoy the cuddles and kisses.

Until next fortnight, take care, be safe,


School Council

The School Council meeting was held virtually on the evening of the 26th of March. During this meeting the office bearers for 2020 were appointed and are as follows.

  • President: Nicola Andrews
  • Vice President: Dave Deveny
  • Treasurer: Kirrily Noonan
  • Secretary: Sebastian Goder

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new members of the School Council, Stephen Lawson, Robbie Napper and Paul Cavicchiolo.

The School Council invites the school community to become involved in any of the following committees. The committees are chaired by a member of School Council and generally meet once a month. Committees are an effective way of drawing on the enthusiasm, experience and expertise of our school community.

  • Finance: Kirrily Noonan
  • Education: Georgie Murphy
  • Buildings and Grounds (including Sustainability and Playgrounds): Robbie Napper
  • Parents and Friends: Ruzi Durinc
  • OSHC: Nicola Andrews
  • Community and Engagement: Dave Deveny

If you would like to be involved with any of the committees, please contact the school via email and they will put you in touch the School Council representative.

The School Council is meeting again on 25 May. If you would like to attend any School Council meeting you must contact the school no less than 48 hours before the meeting via the school email. - Nicola Andrews

Parents and Friends

Mother's Day Ideas

With the school's annual Mother's Day stall having to be cancelled due to the current shutdown, stall organiser Georgia Murphy, and Angela Pamic have come up with a handy list of ideas for stuff to make, things to do and places to go this Sunday (May 10) to ensure mothers and grandmothers still enjoy a special day. Please see the attached flyer for some inspiration.

P&F Mother's Day Ideas

Wellbeing Advice

What uncommon times we are living in. Please have a look at the Fact Sheet, I'm Struggling, What Can I Do? attached below. This helpful resource has been prepared by ORYGEN; if you would like more information about ORYGEN please call (03) 99669100, or send an email to INFO@ORYGEN.ORG.AU, or visist WWW.ORYGEN.ORG.AU

Some of the topics covered in this fact sheet include, Difficulty Concentrating, Difficulty Sleeping or Sleeping Too Much. You may find the answers to some of the concerns you are experiencing during these unprecedented times. - Joy Freier

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