Chapter Reflections

Chapter 1:

This chapter was very eye opening because Father G gave gangsters opportunities other places wouldn't offer. He offered job training and encouragement so that young people could work together. He created homeboy industries and the homies would work with their enemies. It was very interesting to me because he made some successful and mend a friendship with their enemies. By offering jobs he affected the community around him greatly.

Chapter 2:

This chapter was very interesting because it was about drug addicts and prisoners all wanting help. The determination to turn their life around is very inspiring. Carmen is an example of a one of the people who wanted to overcome her addiction to heroine. She overcame it because of her hard work and her willingness to fight. This chapter is very touching because it shows that we are all human and that we can overcome obstacles with some help.

Chapter 3:

This chapter was about compassion. Compassion is pity or concern for the sufferings of others. In this chapter the church opened the doors for the homeless who didn't have a place to sleep. This touched the lives of many people in the area. This chapter is also very inspiring because it shows the good in this world of people helping others. Everyone should be more open to others and let people in that need help.

Chapter 4:

This chapter is about Father G baptizing his homies. One in particular named Jose Lopez was baptized by him. Father G talked about how life changing his baptism was for him. We can relate this to our lives in our faith because many events such as the sacraments can turn our life back to God. When I reflect on this, it shows that if you want something and work hard, then you can accomplish it. Jose really wanted his baptism and to grow in his faith. It helped him greatly in the end.

Chapter 5:

This summary is about gang members making the change to their lives. No one makes them change because it's up to them. The stories in this chapter are on gang members that want to change their lives. Father G always welcome them with open arms. This chapter is called slow work because sometimes the change in her life can take some time, it can't happen right away.

Chapter 6:

The title came from when Junior called G his jurisdiction even though he wasn't sure what Junior meant. This chapter was sad because a guy named Flaco got in a car accident at the clock store. His arm was ripped off and his leg was shattered. He went there because that's where his gang met. Gato, from Flaco’s enemy gang, told Father G that he was happy about what happened to Flaco. When he said this, it shocked me because to think someone would be happy that someone got hurt as bad as Flaco did is crazy. Father G continued to tell Gato that he should never halt that way and that he should always be sympathetic. This is something we can all relate to. We need to be more sympathetic towards others in our lifetime. Gato ended up telling Father G that he wants Flaco to get better.

Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 is all about the joy that is found when working out Homeboy Industries. It shows all of the gang members that I was in fear for the opportunities that Father G gave them. This is very eye-opening for me because it shows that even from the roughest situations, you can turn your life around. Father G was very generous to all of the gang members. Without him, who knows where they would be now.

Chapter 8:

In this chapter Father G says that success is measured on how much faith you have. There is an inspiring story in this chapter about a mother whose two kids were shot by gang members. One day Soledad was sent to the hospital. When the mom was in the hospital, she saw a little boy being rushed into the hospital from being shot. This one is the one that shot her kids. She prayed to God at this moment that the little boy would survive. This shows a lot of courage and heart and her character. This is eye-opening to me because it shows how selfless she was. She inspires me to act like her, and I think we all can.

Chapter 9:

This chapter shows that we have to be thankful for people in our lives. This homeboy named Chico went up to Father G and asked for a job. Father G gave Chico that opportunity. Chico obeyed the rules and went to work every day. He was a great worker and he was dedicated. One night Chico was shot and he died. Father G was very saddened by this. This shows that we can't take life for granted and we need to be thankful for the people in our lives. Many times I have taken people for granted and have regretted it in the end. We have to take life slow and be thankful for everyone and everything in our lives

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