Utopia Skiboardcity

Come to skiboard city where you can go swimming on the warm beaches or you can go skiing at the rest of the island. The main activity is skiing, our community motto is "send it." As you can see below that is our seal.

Most people can't ski in the summer or fall or spring, you also can't go swimming in the winter, and we think that SUCKS! We do have some rules though. You do HAVE to know how to ski to get a membership. Here are 10 rules if you join us.

You have to follow the paths. You have to fall cause if you don't fall while skiing then it means your not trying. You have to be in your house by ten o'clock unless signed up for night skiing. ABSOLUTELY no alcohol. MUST have lights while night skiing. Must have proper equipment. No fights or you WILL be kicked out. Must go to proper learning stage. Be recruited to join. Have to participate in competitions.

Come to our sandy beaches or our snowy mountains

We made a island somewhere in the pacific ocean with mountains with snow and hot beaches. Our daily schedule is, the day is yours to spend

Our government is skiboardcracy, every 4 years we have a competition with skiing, snowboarding, and swimming. The top 3 in each game gets to be in the government

And to get you more interested you can ski and swim all day, every day.


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