Discover: Tibet embarking on an adventure to everest

Welcome to Lhasa, Tibet. Named after the term Lasà, or the 'Place of the Gods,' Lhasa served as the highly influential capital for Tibetan Buddhism.

Exploring Jokhang Temple, a buddhist temple in Barkhor Square that is considered the "spiritual heart of the city."

Potala Palace
The Potala Palace had previously served as the winter home for the Dalai Lama since the 7th century.
We prepare traditional Momos with our Tibetan guide and his wife at their home.
Namgye & his wife frying the homemade dumplings.
We attend a Monk Debate at a monastery in Lhasa.
Heavenly Tibet Beautifully Journey!
Our road trip to Everest Base Camp begins! We drive past Yamdrok Lake, one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. We drive along the Friendship Highway until we hit the national park.
Tibetan Mastiff and Yak
Kharola Glacier
Kharola Glacier
Sweet and warm milk tea is served alongside noodles or soup at local tea houses along the way.
Exploring the cities along the way...
Mount Everest can be seen in the distance as we approach base camp.
Road to Everest
Scenes from a village only a few hours from Everest Base Camp.
All bundled up in the cold mountain air...
En route to Everest Base Camp...
A Journey to Everest

The earth here is as dry and fragile as the air. Crumbling rocks, dust swept up by the crisp breeze, and smoke - smoke that reaches for the peaks. Jagged fields of ice grow from the parched, golden dirt. Yes, the earth and air here is dry, but not the rivers. The rivers rush down the valleys - gushing from melting glaciers and high frozen peaks, secret springs and the fresh snowfall that blankets the fields in the early morning. Angry rapids roar over the stones that roll towards cold, blue lakes. Minerals and prayers are swept lower and lower towards the sea. Yes, the rivers here are swift, but not the lakes. The lakes are placid - constant and vast. Small ripples dance across the fragile surface of the sacred water. The pebbles on the rocky shore play in the teasing waves. Birds find refuge on the shimmering pools that lay beneath the surging Himalaya. Yes, the lake lies low beneath the sky, but not the mountains. No, the mountains - they are the sky. They fill the space between Heaven and Earth in the most humbling array. From the steady foothills comes frenzy of unforgiving terrain. Rugged ridges slice through smooth stone, and frozen peaks erupt from the stormy clouds that cling like fingers to the steep incline. Howling winds slam into the rock and ice blankets the warm earth hidden beneath the surface. The freezing pulse of the mountains travels to where I stand, as I'm fixed - insignificant and unmoving - at the foot of Mount Everest. My lungs burn as I suck in the frigid air and I watch as snow flurries fall from the low clouds above. It is cold here, but my soul... my soul is on fire.

Everest Base Camp
The fifth tallest mountain in the world, Mount Makalu. The 8,485 meter-high mountain is located next to Everest and can be seen blanketed in fresh snowfall.
The long road back to Lhasa...
Kathmandu bound for program wrap...
Everest Base Camp - Tibet

ག་ལེར་ཕེབས་། (goodbye)


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