#BeBoldForChange International Women's Day

your nominations

This year’s theme for International Women's Day was ‘Be Bold For Change’. We are asked you to help us celebrate and raise the profile of our fabulous ladies by nominating a colleague that represents #BeBoldForChange.
Here are your nominations:

Vicki Gregory

“Vicki always impresses me with her ability and determination to do the best job and support her team. She somehow manages a very large QA team by herself at the same time as offering technical support to her team members, mentoring them and providing a good structure for others to support the team. She is always striving to build on her existing technical skills to ensure that she is the best QA automator which enables her to better support the team.”

Beth Worall

“Beth is an amazing woman in tech who has impressed me greatly in the short amount of time that I've known her. She joined Connect knowing little about testing both manual and automated and she continues to impress me with her enthusiasm and ability to pick things up very quickly. As far as I know, she hasn't got any previous development skills but has very quickly picked up the automation suite and extended it.”

Vicki James

“A pint-sized rock star who isn’t afraid to stand her ground on any and all projects with those within the agency (and clients) who are far more senior than her. She’s basically a genius too, which is really annoying as she makes us mere mortals looks distinctly average in her wake. And then she can sing and play guitar also, taking the pi$$ really. Pfft.”

Tracey Knowles

“Tracey is an inspiration to woman in the workplace. She is strong and compassionate and encourages the staff to be their best and offers the support for this.”

Kristy Nolan

“Kristy is an awesome developer and a fantastic colleague and friend. In an industry dominated by men, Kristy can compete with the best and that type of talent should be celebrated and hailed from the roof tops to inspire other talented women trying to make it in the industry which can be hard enough. She is one of the most creative and inspirational frontend developers I’ve ever worked with. Not only making fantastic products, but her knowledge and inspirational thinking inspires everyone who works with her. Her natural approach to always look for new ways to build better experiences and deliver innovation is infectious. The decisions and advice she supplies are always spot on and her passion to make things new and different keeps us all on our toes.”
“Aside from the obvious stuff that she's female in a male dominated specialism, Kristy is a great person to work with. She gets on with her work and she understands the commercial environment we work in - some developers don't always understand the bigger picture. There's no reason they should but it can get difficult when you're trying to explain why you need something and they just don't get it. From what I have seen, her work requires less bug fixing than any other front enders we've had here and I think that's down to the pride she takes in her work. I think this is just the way she is. On a personal level, she brings humour to the team - which frankly we all need from time to time!”

Laura Bond

“Laura is incredibly hard working and professional as well as being a genuinely lovely person (and funny too!). She's come so far in her time here and she's just someone who I think is inspiring and great to be around every day. She's really awesome and I'd love for her to be recognised for being so, she really deserves it.”

Jane Pilkington

“A stealth operator. The majority of her work happens under the radar and is invisible to most, however, pivotal to the JLR operations. Someone who always supports her colleagues in every way and still manages to tow the company line well. Selfless and honest in everything she does – she’s a colleague who I am proud to have the pleasure of working with!”

Caroline Sweetman

“Caroline is an amazing role model. Not only is she dedicated to her work by always giving 110%, she’s always there to support you whether it’s work related or not. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that she’s helped me, whether it’s through giving me advice or just generally looking out for me. She’s such a kind person!! We could definitely do with more Caroline’s in the world.”

Sabina Tomczak

“For having more commitment, dedication and conscientiousness than absolutely anyone else in the company. A very intelligent and incredible lady who totally deserves to be recognised.”


Thank you for all your nominations and thank you to all our fabulous women who work here at Connect.


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