7A Science Week 2 4/6-4/9 Virtual Learning ECOSYSTEMS

Objectives: Scholars will understand the flow of energy from the sun to the producer to the consumers. The Scholar will also make predictions and run simulations demonstrating the interdependence of producers and consumers in an ecosystem.

Read the directions.

This week you will find your lessons on Google classroom. Please read the directions carefully.

Students will begin by making predictions about what will happen to ecosystem if the population of producers and/or consumers is affected by disease.

Students will then run simulations, via GIZMO, altering the populations of producers and consumers, and seeing not only the impact, but how long it takes for the ecosystem to recover to equilibrium.

Students will be assessed on their knowledge via completing and uploading the GIZMO student form provided on Google Classroom. This is the graded assignment for the week.


Created with images by Markus Spiske - "Thanks @adrian_infernus for borrowed this lens 20mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art | SIGMA" • Unknown - "Questions 1 Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures"