Money In Politics: The Nation's Issue By: Kyle Ferlita

During the 2016 Election, there was plenty of conversation regarding political corruption and campaign finance reform. Two years later, the issue has gone on without any major steps taken to stop corporations from donating millions of dollars to political campaigns.

How Does Campaign Finance Reform Affect You?

Any political figure that is accepting money from corporations or organizations will vote on laws that appeal to their contributors, so that they can receive more money to run stronger campaigns and remain in office longer. This affects all US citizens, regardless of race, class and gender, because our elected officials are not looking out for the general populations well being. Instead, they are focused on the well being of their contributors.

How Did This Happen?

Campaign Finance Reform is by no means a new topic. In fact, it dates back to the 19th Century. This timeline provides a history of Campaign Finance Reform In The United States.

Where's The Money Coming From?

Because of the Citizens United ruling, the donations can come from any corporation or organization that exists within the United States. Here is a breakdown of some of the major contributors.

So Who's Going To Stop This?

WolfPAC, an organization founded in 2011, has been working with politicians to pass an amendment to effectively end campaign financing. The organization, founded by Cenk Uygur, was founded amidst the Occupy Wall Street movement. WolfPAC's goal is to overturn Citizens United not by going through Congress, but by a convention of the states. With enough states approving of Campaign Finance Reform, the proposed amendment would go into law.

I sat down with Nicolas Paredes, a member of WolfPAC to discuss his personal journey with the organization, and how his work has helped in the fight for Campaign Finance Reform. The link to the interactive Q and A is here.

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