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Why I choose the Liberal party

I choose to do my project on the liberal party because I was curious to know more about them and their policies especially since they are currently in government and are often in the media.

What is the role of a political party in the Australian government?

A political party is an organisation that represents a particular group of people or set of ideas. It aims to have members elected to Parliament so their ideas can affect the way Australia is governed.

List and explain the roles of 5 key figures in your chosen political party

Malcolm Turnbull - current prime minister of Australia and is in charge of running the country. He is at the head of government in Australia.

Julie Bishop - minister for foreign affairs and deputy leader of the liberal party. A member for Curtin. She becomes the main spokesperson when the Prime Minister is away/unavailable.

Barnaby Joyce - deputy Prime Minister, minister for agriculture and water resources, leader of The Nationals and member for New England.

Darren Chester - memeber for infrastructure and transport, deputy leader of the house and The Nationals member for Gippsland.

Scott Morrison - Treasurer, responsible for the countries finance, economy and revenue.

When was the party established? And a breif history

The liberal party was founded in 1944 after a three day meeting held near Parliament House in Canberra. The meeting was called by the leader of the opposition party (United AU party) Robert Menzies. He had already served as PM but he believed that non-labor parties should unite to present a strong alternative government to the Australian people.

What is the main Focus of the political party?

The main focus of the liberal party revolves mostly around the economy, and building a strong new economy.

policies and their stance on these policies

  1. The coalitions policy for smart cities - believes that our cities are at the front line of action and climate change. The coalition will establish an investment fund to accelerate the deployment of clean energy, renewable energy and

2. The coalitions policy for a stronger economy and balanced budget - credible, fully costed economic plan that will deliver jobs and economic growth.

3. The coalitions policy to invest in the Great Barrier Reef - a long term sustainability plan setting out our strategy to protect and improve the reef for future generations.

4. The coalitions policy for a safer communities fund - they believe there's no bigger responsibility then keeping Australia safe and secure. Boosting law enforcement by 2.5 billion and making significant improvements.

5. The coalitions policy for ,ore jobs and growth through increased trade and investment - more then 450,000 jobs have been created since the coalition came to government. Up to 10,000 new jobs are expected to be created in the financial savings sector alone by 2020.

There are many more listed on the liberal website.

The senate amd the house of representitives

The senate - the senate is also known as the upper house or the house of review. The senate is made up of 76 senators, each elected to represent one of Australia's six states and 2 territories. 12 from each state and 2 from each territory. Like the House of Representatives, the senate debates, passes bills, scrutinises goverment and represents the people of Australia.

The House of Representatives - the House of Representatives is also known as the lower house or the people's house. There are 150 members elected to the House of Representatives (also referred to as MPs) each member represents one of Australia's 150 electorates. The government is formed in the House of Representatives, by the party or coalition of parties with the support of the majority of members in the house. Both the House of Representatives and the senate debate and pass bills, scrutinise government and represent the people of Australia.

Bills and laws

A bill can only become a law if it is passed by a majority vote in the House of Representatives and the senate. The bill must be agreed upon by both chambers and given royal assent by the Governor General. It is then known as an act of parliament.

Role of the political party

The liberal party is currently in government this means they hold majority of seats and are responsible for Australia.

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