Rewards For Testing What if I told you that you can earn a cool incentive or reward for doing well on a test?

Hello, my name is Logan. My research topic is if kids should get an incentive for getting an A. I chose this topic because I wanted to know if kids would work harder if they knew that if they got a good grade. I felt that if kids did get a good grade then they would work harder for a incentive.

The purpose of doing this is because I wanted to know if students would work harder for an incentive or reward. My question is will students work harder for a incentive for getting a A on a test.

* Eight students took my survey in total. Six of the students who took my survey were girls and the other two students were boys. Seven of the students are 13 and one is 12.

Ages of participants, green=13 years old and yellow =12 years old.
There were 7 females who took my survey and 2 Males who took my survey,.

My expectations of this project is that most, or more than 50% of the people who took my project would agree with the question, ''Should there be a reward for good testing''? My findings show that 77.8% of the students who took my survey did agree with that question proving my expectations correct.

The findings that surprised me is when I asked the question, ''Should there be a reward for good testing'', I got one answer no. My expectation with that question is all yeses and maybe one maybe, but I didn't expect a no at all. Another thing that surprised me is that on the question, ''Would you work and study harder in school if you knew that if you got an A you’d earn an incentive'', I expected a maybe and yes, but someone who took my survey said not sure and that surprised me.

I found that the majority of students who took my survey agree with having a reward for having a reward for good testing. I also concluded that the most of the people who took my survey likes incentives where we have treats like the ice cream incentive.

What I would have like to change are all the questions I didn't ask. I would have added more questions and added in what grade the students surveying my survey were in. I would have added more questions, that's what I would have changed or done differently.


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