Oakfield XMAS SPECIAL Issue 43 12th December 2019

This is a BUMPER Xmas Edition packed with all the great Oakfield Xmas events from the last 2 weeks.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Just in case you thought it was summer term...

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Reflections from our Head

Christmas is traditionally the time for a long, extended reflection on the year that's been. I will spare you all that! All I will simply say is that it is an absolute privilege being Head of Oakfield and I know how hard all the staff and children have worked this year. Just the school events from the last 2 weeks sprinkled through this newsletter are enough to make you realise that a restful holiday is fully deserved by everyone.

I wish you all a wonderful break so you come back refreshed in the New Year, full of vim and vigour for the amazing things and opportunities that lie in wait for us in 2020.

Moyra Thompson


Thank you so much for those who ran or cheered the OAFS Santa Fun Run on Sunday 1st December.

It was the biggest run we have done to date , with so many lovely Santas, big and small and not forgetting our wonderful four-legged ones too.

We hope you enjoyed it and weren’t too muddy..!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a super 2020.

Love and festive wishes, Becky the Elf xx

Santas ponder if eggnog is really just a protein shake


Last Friday we had Santa, Elf and a couple of friendly donkeys, Taffy and Rocky to welcome children to our 4+ Observation Mornings. All Oakfield children up to Year 2 also got a chance to meet Santa, gently stroke the donkeys and find out more about the different personalities they have!

Santa, donkeys, drizzle...it must be Xmas at Oakfield!


Busy Busy Bethlehem

Last week saw the LF and UF put on a fantastic performance of 'Busy Busy Bethlehem'. Everyone was thoroughly entertained and well done to all the hard work the children and parents put in to learn lines, make costumes and bring real Christmas cheer to our nativity this year!

Idle Idle Nazareth was only the working title

Dash the Donkey

Monday and Tuesday saw the world premiere of our incredible nativity Dash the Donkey, written and scored by our very own Mr Howes. The acting, singing and dancing was fantastic and everyone should be very proud of their performances.

Thank you to all the parents who came to support and cheer all the children to the rafters.

Dash. Aaaaaah aaaaah!


Thursday saw an immersive panto experience kindly provided by OAFs for both Pre-Prep and Prep. The children got to use their imagination and influence to guide the story and learnt how to build characters and narrative in a truly memorable way. Thank you to OAFs and all who took part.

Panto perfection


Carol Service

Wednesday afternoon saw our Oakfield Carol Service at All Saints Church in West Dulwich. It was a truly memorable occasion with incredible performances from so many children across the school years. This included readings of poems, singing from Minims and our school and Junior choirs, performances from our orchestras and brass band. Special well-done to all the soloists including Rosie on Minims and Danny on drums, and our new Head Boy and Girl, William Johnson and Edie Scott who were anointed as part of the service. The programme finished with a rendition of our Oakfield Xmas song 'Let's Go' and it was a fitting finale to the service.

Well done to all children, staff and parents who came along and sang their hearts out. Once again special thanks to Mr Howes who organised and rehearsed with the children and staff so we could deliver a truly fantastic service.

A Christmas Carol Cracker!

'Let's Go' - Oakfield Xmas Music Video

We are so so proud to have produced from the musical and directorial genius of Mr Howes our Oakfield Prep School Xmas Music Video to 'Let's Go'. It is a lip dub taking you on a Xmas-themed journey through the school with all singing and choreography done by the children of Oakfield. Click on the link below to view it on YouTube and don't forget to share it with your friends and family!

Behind-the-scenes from the shoot

OUT NOW - The Oakfield Sessions: Volume 1

The children have been working incredibly hard in music this term, and we have presented some of our term's highlights on our inaugural album 'The Oakfield Sessions: Volume 1'.

The 5 song collection has been on sale this Friday for £5 (or three for £10). If you missed out this week then don't worry, as they will be on sale again next term and we hope to bring out a Volume 2 before too long to add to your Oakfield collection. Happy listening!

The limited edition LP from Oakfield School. Get yours!


Wednesday lunchtime saw Harrison's Catering put on our annual Xmas lunch for all children and staff. The food was absolutely delicious and the homemade crackers and wonderful (and environmentally-conscious!) table decorations made for an exquisite festive meal. Thank you to Angela and her team, the cracker jokes submitted by the children and the items for decorations sent in by parents.

Tasty turkey times were had!



In Year 3, we have been talking about Spanish Culture. We explored the "Altamira cave" in the North of Spain and we tried to reproduce some of the Palaeolithic paintings.

This is certainly not beyond the pale-o


Way to Ami-go

Oakfield children are very lucky to have a pen pal friend in Spain. Our partner school is called “C.E.PR Arquitecto Leoz” in Puerto Real in Spain. Year 5 wrote their first letter this month. Year 6 worked on their 3rd letter because they started this activity last year.

After Christmas, we will receive the reply from all our Amigos Españoles. ¡Qué guay!

Best of Pen-pals

Children from Years 1 - 6 received their login details to access to the website LANGUAGENUT.

Last year Oakfield became 18th place in the world over 1000 schools!!

I am certain that this year we can do even better! Remember, points last for 30 days so keep practising during the Christmas holidays. Mrs Diaz will check the best score from each year group during the Autumn term and this will be announced next year during assembly.



A few weeks ago, children from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge.

This week we heard from the Mathematical Association that the following children have been invited to take part in the Bonus Round in February 2020.

Congratulations go to: William Johnson, Niah Nartey Clinkett, Laura Chantry, Maggie Edwards, Louis Wetherall, Tess McCormick, Sophie McCormick, Ella Prince

EIGHT is a record number of children to get through to the Bonus Round from Oakfield, the previous record was SIX in 2015.

Well done everyone and GOOD LUCK for February!


The Christmas Friday Maths Challenges for last week and this week have been displayed on the notice board in school and are also available here. Many children have already tried (and succeeded) finding solutions for them and if you want to try them over the Christmas holidays, entries will still be accepted at the start of next term.

House points for entries since October half term are as follows:


Well done to everyone who has tried the Friday Maths Challenge this term and a special mention needs to be given to Edward Standing 5NA for submitting a solution every week without fail and keeping Baird in the lead single-handedly this term! Well done Edward!

Keep challenging yourselves to solve problems. Think, reason, be logical and look for different ways to tackle questions. Mathematics is much more than just numbers or shapes, it is about thinking, reasoning and challenging yourself to find solutions to problems.

Good Luck!

Challenge 1
Challenge 2

Times Tables Rockstars and Maths Chase

All children in Years 3 – 6 should have their own log in for the 'Times Tables Rock Stars' website which can be used at home or in school to practice times tables. The program ‘learns’ with each child, setting increasingly harder questions and reinforcing times tables where mistakes have been made.

A few weeks ago, we shared another link in the newsletter. This was for a new site called Maths Chase that is being developed to support the learning and practice of simple Maths skills. Maths Chase is a completely free site where children can quickly test their times tables and other skills. The site is a very simple game, but we think children will find it another fun way to learn.

Try it and let your teacher know what you think of the site.

December Sports Picture Special

U11 Alleyn's Football Tournamont

Sun in the eyes proved an issue for some players

U11 A and B Netball at Alleyn's

3 balls on the court is not traditional but leads to a high score

U11 and Year 3 Netball at Oakfield

Home advantage was fully enjoyed

Y3 and Y4 St Dunstan's Swimming Gala

Not the season for outdoor swimming after all...

Composer of the Week

Sam Howes

After the week he's had it can only be Mr. Sam Howes. From leading the 'Let's Go' Music Video to the outstanding Xmas Carol Service to the release of our new album 'The Oakfield Sessions: Volume 1' it's quite a body of work that's been built up in just 1 term! Well done to all the children who made his success possible too - he literally could not have done it without you!

The man in action!
Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

Tuesday 7th January:

Spring Term Starts


Seraphina - Fantastic work in maths

Raphael - Amazing angle work in maths

Sophie - Exceptional contribution to music

Danny - Exceptional contribution to music

Matilda - Exceptional contribution to music

Rosie - Exceptional contribution to music

Have a wonderful holidays until the gates open again in the New Year!


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