Eragon By Christopher paolini

Christopher Paolini published his first book in 2002 when he was just 19 and when he was 20 became a New York times best seller.
Eragon Takes place in the Mythical lands called Agalaesia mostly in the north western corner of the map
Eragon is a orphaned farm hand working for his uncle when he stumbles on a very peculiar rock that turns out to be a dragon which picks him to be a rider a ritual that hadn't been performed for many years. After his uncle is killed by the tyrant king's minions he sets off with the local soothsayer to avenge his uncle and join the resitance
The tyrant king is the only other known dragon rider with a dragon known today
The author uses a a imaginary to paint a picture to the reader leaving it up to the reader to decide what we see. he drives home the message of companionship all your goals are achievable if you practice and work hard on it.


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