STAYOVER Nova FeaT. jaquees

For this visual with J.D.'s latest phenom, RapGame season 3 champion Nova we find ourselves in one of ATL's popular skating rinks Cascade Roller Rink. Along with Nova we have one of R&B's hottest new artist Jaquees in the visual as well. This is JD's version of the hit film ATL in which the skaters lifestyle was put of display. This video captures those moments while introducing Nova's debut single as a member of the So So Def roster

It's Sunday night at Cascade. A celebrity skate party is our theme for the video. We will capture Nova as he plays a small game of cat and mouse with his love interest. This young lady has Nova's full attention and he his eager to win her over. Much like Tip and New New in the film.

Meanwhile Jaquees is the ladies man and the girls are everywhere watching his every move. He focuses on one lucky female that he sings too throughout the visual.

This video is all about fun and living in the moment. We will capture all the exciting things that go on at a skate party. The dope routines that the trick skaters like to do as well as dope freestyle skating moments. JD serves as our resident OG with his friends as they skate it up. Not lost in the action of the night are the pretty ladies that dot the landscape. Celebrities and Rap Game alumni join us for the night as well. We will also create a picture booth style setup where artist and celebrities will get candid shots adding to the flavor of the moment.

Nova and Jaques performances happen inside of the storyline. We will utilize various parts of the skating rink for the performance setups that will feel natural and a part of our special concept. I'm excited about this concept and look forward to executing the idea


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