Imperialism Keila Herrera 3B April-05-2017

Imperialism- is when a country or empire or rule or nation, takes over another weakest country or empire or nation or rule.

World War I the world’s largest, richest and most dominant imperial power was Great Britain, was caused by imperialism. British colonial possessions included Canada, India, Ceylon, Burma, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, several Pacific and Caribbean Islands, South Africa, Rhodesia, Egypt and other parts of Africa. British imperialism was focus and maintaining expanding trade, the importation of raw material sale of manufacturing goods.
Scramble for Africa was between 1881 and 1914. The Scramble for Africa was Europeans invasion for African territory, this was the start of World War I. Europeans want it to colonizing Africa, for exporting civilization to a continent which they regarded as evolutionary backward and undeveloped. colonization was in reality driven by commercial interests.
Portuguese Imperialism. The Portuguese arrive in Brazil in 1500. But they only stayed for only nine days, the indigenous people soon became fascinated by the iron tools used, the Catholic mass service observance and the alcoholic beverages that they observed. then given the opportunity to learn the local language and live with the indigenous people, procreating with them and introducing the Portuguese culture to the gene pool. But the Portuguese didn't appreciate much. The Portuguese settles imported slaves from Africa.
Imperialism in Mexico by Spain in the mid 1840s. Many Spanish came to Mexico in search of gold and silver. Hernan Cortes came to the unknown land and claim it under Spanish power. Cortes became allies with the Mayan Territory, Then he found the Aztecs and he broke his alliance with the Mayan territory to befriends with the Aztecs. Cortes murder the leader of the Aztecs and took over of the whole empire of Spain.

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