The Legend Of Sharkisha ThatAwkwardGirl8910

Sharkisha's Point Of View

Being Neptune's step-daughter has it's advantages and disadvantages. Having a strict dad means no boys or visiting the mortal world. But you get the awesome powers so it's not so bad.



I swam passed the living area passing the statues of heroes. "When will it be my turn?", I sighed. Because of an incident that happened to my older brother, my dad wont even let me breathe air without having atleast five guards by my side.

I don't even have my own conch! Like, how am I supposed to contact friends? Echolocation? Ew!

My dad had asked for me to meet with him today for something important. But it's probably to babysit the guppies again. I cringed at the thought.

I reached the entrance of the Throne Room and waited for him to call me over. "Over here, Sharkisha!", he waved.

He waited not even a second to speak after I reached him. "Well, iv'e been thinking about what you said". He seemed uneasy.

He scratched the back of his neck. "Well there is a small delivery that is needed to be made and I know it's not much but, I thought, maybe you could go on your first quest."

I nearly choked on the water. A quest? For real?

"Uh..Yeah! Sure!". He nodded at me but I could tell this wasn't his idea. He told me the whole thing and it was pretty easy.

Go to the mortal realm, deliver the Orb Of Waters to Rayna and then come right back. It wasn't much but anything is better than lounging here.

"Well you should start packing. The guards are right outside to escort you to the surface.", he ushered me.

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