Carve The Mark Veronica Roth

The overall location of this book, is on the planet of Thuvhe. Thuvhe is a snow covered planet. Its like an endless winter there. So its always dark despite in the summer when they get a slight red glow. Its also always snowing there, except for some places where is doesn't snow as much.

One of the locations in which this story takes place is The temple. This is where all of the city of Hessa comes to see the Hushflowers bloom. Its quite big, as I imagine it, and its made of stone and glass.

The second location is at the Family Kereseth's house where Akos and his brother are kidnapped and their father killed. In my imagination, their house is a fairly large, round house with a wide pillar in the center. The pillar has a cavity in it that contains different colored burn stones. It also has a wooden floor as well as a wooden front door that has a few ragged lines down the middle from where their father broke it and fixed it with his current gift.

The third location is at the Noavek mansion. This is a large, almost castle like in the interior, building in which the Family Noavek resides

This novel takes place in the far future, where people drive floaters (basically round, floating cars) and are able to travel to other planets with the currentstream as their guide. The feel of this book is futuristic and slightly dystopian because of previous wars, but also utopian because of all the technology that they have.
In Hessa, there are a lot of major hills. Its also very snowy, but also contains plants that are able to survive the cold weather. But in Voa (The shotet side of the planet) its pretty flat, but also snowy. There is this stuff called feathergrass, which is this tall pale green plant that is like feathery grass. Voa, I imagine, is more village like with a lot of stone walkways and stone buildings.
Shotet People (Left) and Thuvhesit People (Right)

In Hessa, the population is pretty moderate. Its not very crowded, but its not deserted either. The People who live in Hessa are called Thuvhesits. These people are pale and really tall. They are usually very slim. Their hair is normally brown in varying shades ranging from blond to dark brown.

In Voa, The population is more dense that Hessa. The people there are normally mixed races, with darker skin and black or dark brown hair. All people with Shotet blood speak Shotet, even if they haven't learned it. That is how they identify their own.

One object that is in my story is the Floaters. Floaters are a type of transportation that is similar to a car and a boat. Floaters are round and short with a band of light abound the base that can vary in color. Floaters also float in the air and are controlled almost the same way as cars are .Another thing that kind of time-stamps my book if that fact that they can regularly travel through space and to other planets. This is done in large ships that everybody in Voa can fit onto. Its also a tradition, which indicates that this has been done for quite a while now.
The overall mood and atmosphere of my book is dystopian, but also utopian because there was a war that kind of put Hessa in ruins, but because of all the technology that exists, it makes it seem utopian too. My book also had this adventurous, action air to it because Voa is home to really brutal and violent people. But oddly the snow and the dark skies of the planet also set a very peaceful mood.

The setting contributes to the story because when Akos and his brother get taken to Voa, Akos is kind of the oddball because he is from a different part of the planet, so he is "thin-skinned" meaning that he is weak, and he also has pale skin compared to all Shotet people who have darker skin. Akos is also really, really tall, so that makes a difference when he entered the storyteller's home, He had to duck to get inside.

The setting also contributes to what is happening in my book, because in the beginning, when they were watching the hushflowers bloom, they had to wear heavy, fur skin coat. And then with the hushflowers themselves, they can only bloom in really cold weather.

The Setting also contributed to the overall feeling of the book, because most times, the setting will set the vibe of what you are reading. So in my case, When they were getting ready for the sojourn, everybody was celebrating and I imagined lots of color everywhere, ribbons tied from pole to pole and then the sojourn ship sprayed out blue rain and coated the city ij blue, so that contributed to the vibe of the story in that part.


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