I am Autumn Harris, an emerging creative attending Arkansas State University. I am currently heading towards a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.It is my pleasure to present this campaign, which I feel embodies who The Foundation of Arts is and the values you all represent within the community. With a renewed social media presence and print ads, this work will garner help to attract donors and supporters for the FOA.


The goal of this campaign is to aid the FOA in acquiring more donations. It is never enough to just ask, and often it is the wrong way. I wanted to achieve something that would catch the eye, tug at the heart, and showcase the FOA.


We are trying to reach those with funds to spare. These people are parents, single people and may or may not be involved with the arts. The good thing is we are not asking them to just support the arts overall. We are asking for them to support a foundation that is more than a business and more than just one discipline.

  • Single persons, as well as families of all kind are encouraged to be apart of the Foundation of Arts.
  • All family members, no matter the age, are welcome to partake in the FOA.
  • The FOA caters to those in the Northeast Arkansas area as well as the Southern Missouri area.
  • Donors can come from a variety of businesses as well as a single person.


The original concept stemmed from the idea that there are multiple qualities a donation supports outside of the business. Benefactors should see the values they promote and how important they are. Backing the FOA entails community, imagination, artistry, culture, and more. The FOA should show that off and give that pride to the donors. We want them to join the big picture and step into a role greater than just giving money.

To make sure this message really sinks in, the visuals create a personal connection by using Polaroids and tape to imitate the everyday. I also used vibrant colors like the vibrant FOA. All of these design choices help to ensure the work is eye-catching and relatable.

These will be displayed all around Jonesboro and especially with the current donors.

Moving into social media, we will reinforce this campaign by keeping the posts personal. We will focus on the people who are what makes the FOA the FOA. The posts look like something you could potentially create yourself by keeping the graphics simple and continuing with normal pictures that are currently within your feed.



I have created bumper stickers and a pin, just to show a couple of ways the FOA could raise money. Community members and current donors would surely love to sport these and represent a business that represents them.


We want future donors to picture their purpose at the FOA, and to see just what they are supporting and feel how far the benefits reach. They will be supporting more than a business and you will be gaining more than another benefactor. Thank you for you time today and I hope together we can help others join the big picture.

You can reach me by cellphone at 870-557-8574 or by email at autumn.harris@smail.astate.edu. I will happily answer any and all questions you may have, or to just say hello. I cannot wait to hear from you and hope we make the picture together.