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Hello! My name is Weinni and gudetama is one of my favourite character. Lots of love for sushi and taro milk tea but nah to matcha and horror movie.

assignment 1: e-portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

let's play with hands!
Group Photo!

Exercise 2: Viral Content

say no to drugs!!

Think about it. What if you do drugs?

1. Yup, even your brain will be confused. Not to mention yourself.

2. You can’t even remember a nursery rhyme.

3. You won’t want to have a husky voice, do you?

4. Friends will offer, “It’s only marijuana!”

You should, "It’S oNlY mArIjUaNa”

5. Nope. Definitely not those who asked you to do drugs.

6. You can’t even answer a proper question.

7. You'll start seeing things.

say no to drugs!! - updated version -

1. One of the long term effect of drug abuse is brain damage. Drugs affect the neurons in the brain which are mainly in charge of controlling the muscle movement, sensory information and emotions. Neurons communicate through synapses and release a chemical called neurotransmitters. All of these work together as a part of a normally fucntioning brain. However, some drugs are similar in structure to neurotransmitters and are able to bind to neurotransmitter receptors on neurons. According to Narconon, drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines stimulate neurons to release abnormally high amounts of these neurotransmitters which cause the drug users to feel "high".

2. According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, almost 1.4 million of Americans are dependent on cocaine. Cocaine is also known as the heart attack drug, users may have higher blood pressure, stiffer arteries and thicker heart muscle walls compared to non-users. These are the reasons to an individual having a cardiac arrest. Other than heart attack, cocaine can also cause stroke, extreme fatigue and significant weight loss. Of course, after using it for a long time, the body will get dependent and it leads to addiction.

Reference List

1. Narconon (n.d.) The Affects Of Long Term Drug Use On The Brain. Available from: [Accessed 3 July 2017].

2. (n.d.) The Effect of Cocaine Use. Available from: [Accessed 3 July 2017].

3. About Addiction (n.d.) Crack Cocaine Statistics. Available from: [Accessed 3 July 2017].

Exercise 3: Infographics

informing the 4 reasons why you shouldn't do drugs in a simple & clean way accompanied with a few icons.

- updated version -

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Inside Scoop
an app that enables the users to get hold of the menu of inside scoop without needing to be in the store. this app also includes the details for every branches of inside scoop and also privileges for every users.

1. splash screen

2. user log in

users can either login with their username or connect with their facebook or google account

3. home page

different categories of inside scoop

4. sub-categories

allows users to choose from a variety of ice cream flavours
different ways for users to enjoy their ice cream
various types of waffles for users to choose as an add on for their ice cream

5. shopping cart

users can instantly add their pick into the shopping cart.
users can view their shopping cart and the total amount of their order

6. location

users can click on the map to check the location for every branches of inside scoop

7. contact us

contact and address are provided for different branches of inside scoop

8. loyalty cards

loyalty cards for users to collect stamps for each visit to inside scoop and collect a free single scoop once they collected a certain amount of stamps
option for users to share the stamps they have collected so far

9. fan wall

enables users to share their experience at inside scoop

assignment 2: video

Cook It Yourself (CIY), introduces old time food recipes through step-by-step videos that aims to engage every Malaysian to try, taste and share the rich variety of traditional Malaysian food.

assignment 3: chat stickers

(1) sleepy
Mark is falling asleep after dancing all day.
(2) happy
Mark is laughing at his own joke. /ha, lame./
(3) sad
Mark is sad because someone took his strawberry milk away :(
(4) working
Mark is working really hard on composing a new song and suddenly got an idea!
(5) angry
Mark is angry as he kept losing on Overwatch.
(6) confused
Mark doesn't understand why his cats are ignoring him.


Created By
In Weinni


Created with images by Mister-E - "Cherry Blossom" • Hans - "forget me not flower brunnera vergissmeinnicht" • Hans - "daisy flower blossom" • bcmom - "Baby's Breath"

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