A New Breed The EVOLUTION of supercars

The term "sports car" came after WW1 but the first sports car was created in 1910 by Ferdinand Porsche. 27/80PS Austro-Daimler. He would later found the Porsche company
After WW2 the economies of the ally nations were prosperous and the industrial sector boomed. British and American auto making made great strides in this era in both design and functionality of their cars. The booming middle and upper classes in America became the main consumers.

Turning Point

The Porsche 917 marked a substantial turning point in sports car history. With its shift to a mid body engine, where the engine is situated by the rear axles, it revolutionized the industry. Its low to the ground chassis design with an aerodynamic body created low drag forces allowing for a much faster product. 1969
A gas crunch in the 1970s called for better fuel efficiency in cars or all kinds. This revolution in fuel economy helped deliver more power in engines. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of science fiction helped drive designs that seemed like spacecraft.
The 21st century ushered in another new era for sports cars. The globalization of the period allowed for a sharing of commerce and engineering advances among nations. Europe cemented itself as the home of supercars, putting engines worthy of formula one racing in the sleek consumer packages. This appealed to a new class of the rich and famous.

Hybrid Revolution

The production of supercars has centered around one thing: speed. Creating sleek designs and lighter cars allows for an overall faster vehicle. In search of creating the fastest possible car companies are switching to hybrid setups. Having an electric motor allows for a faster accelerating car because 100% of the torque can be accessed at 0 mph, an impossibility for a standard engine. These new hybrids use electric motors to accelerate the use their standard engines once at higher speeds. 0-60 in 2.4 seconds

Style Piece

Since the new breed of supercars come with a hefty price tag, it only makes sense that their consumers are a new class of rich and famous. With the creation of internet millionaires, the sports car industry gained a large consumer base. These cars not only perform but they also have become a statement of ones affluence.

The Future

The future for sports cars is a bright one. With a current shift to electric/hybrid motors, sports cars can look forward to both better speed and low to no emissions. Above is the Porsche Mission E concept, a fully electric creation giving a glimpse to the future of the industry.

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