Vertical Perspectives Photography R.L. & Karen Stolz — Climbing & Landscape photographers

Our desire to share the extraordinary compels us to seek out visually unique situations. When it all goes right and the light rises to the occasion, these remarkable places and experiences can briefly and magically come to life, revealing a striking beauty. Being there, in those moments, is why we photograph.
We offer a diverse suite of photography services focused on sharing our vision, our expertise, and the resulting body of work. Vertical environments, and the people who frequent them, have inspired us for decades but we are similarly captivated by majestic mountain landscapes and abstract interpretations of form and light.
As career mountain guides we are at home in the vertical world and uniquely suited to conducting climbing photo shoots in complex technical situations, although we enthusiastically photograph in less precipitous places as well. Our services can be engaged for private shoots, commercial shoots, or on an assignment basis.
We offer workshops, designed to teach a variety of skills, for all ability levels. We also offer photo tours where you will have the benefit of a highly experienced mountain guide and photographer to help you select and access the best locations.
We share our best work as fine art prints and books. We also offer climbing and landscape photography presentations, including behind-the-scenes details of how our images were made.
When a photograph speaks with clarity, and evokes a deep connection to a moment, it becomes capable of transporting both photographer and viewer to a heightened level of awareness and appreciation. Sharing this enhanced perspective drives our artistic vision, and the efforts required to bring it to life.
For more information, or to discuss the possibilities, please contact us.
10873 NYS Route 9N, Keene, NY 12942 (518) 576-9881


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