Is it just me, or this just seems as though there are a lot of manufacturers jumping on this retro trend, either way, everything I understand so far, I think KLH has set a master class on how to get it done right! So let’s go ahead and talk about their new, slash oldish, slash newish speakers...
I'm just going to be very blunt, out of many speakers I have reviewed here at Zero Fidelity, these are hands down my favorite speakers ever reviewed in the $2,000 price range.
What is it about the Model Five that I like so much? ...It's very rare that I come across something that I want to listen for a long extent of time... When I started listening to the KLH Model five, I could'nt stop. I was just having a blast!

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Don't call it "retro trend" this is a TIMELESS IMMORTAL trend of beautiful aesthetic and great sound.
Now thats a killer review !! Thanks Sean Its great to hear that you got to enjoy the music !! Gorgeous looking speaker ! Wifey approval i am sure of !
They're fxxxxxx great! because this is exactly what I say to myself everytime i sit down and listen to the model five!
Nuance and control is the name of the game here.
The Model Five coherence top to bottom is fantastic. And dthe sound stage is fantastic
Honestly I think the Model Five is going to be one of if not the "stand out loud" speaker of 2021
I almost thought of starting or ending this review with just clapping. I don't know what else to say.

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(Andrew's wife)

Andrew listening to Chrissy's comments
I love them! I really do. They are some of my favorite speakers that we've ever had here. They are a real surprise for me. Truthfully, I did not really know anything about the KLH brand before they reach out to us for this review. I really had zero expectations or did not really know what to expect, but as soon as we got these speakers set-up I was like...Wohhhh!

In this episode, I talk to Kerry Geist, the engineer for the legendary audio company KLH. We talk about new products coming out like the Model Five's as well as a bit of the engineering that goes on behind the scene.

No formal reviews but a lot of fans of KLH waiting to hear and get their hands on the new Model Five

Updated KLH Model 5... has anyone experienced it?
I just love the fact that someone has resurrected the KLH brand from obscurity and is making quality audiophile gear at reasonable prices. That was the goal of Henry Kloss and he succeeded with every company he started. I have 3 different sets of vintage KLH speakers and a couple of sets of original large Advents, so you could say I’m a fan. If you get out and listen to the new Model 5 please post a review. I’ll do the same.
From someone who's owned a pair of the original, the new Five's sound like they kept the magic that made the original special. Now I compelled to find a pair lol!

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