Magical Creatures by: brook wright, dakota, brandi, and nadia

This picture shows how many people were accused for being a “witch” and being “bewitched” In Salem. The people who were accused of being a “witch” are the accused and/or the triangle. The people who thought they were “bewitched” are the accusers and/or the square.


The Salem witch trials started in 1692. The first witch that was accused was Bridget Bishop. She was also the first person to be hung for it. After her, 18 other people were hung because people thought they were “bewitched” by them and 150 people were accused. This didn’t help with the fear of outsiders for the people living there at the time.This was a problem. The problem was caused by Fungus Ergot, a type of fungus that makes you hallucinate. The fungus also caused death, arrests, accusement for many people, because of the hallucinations.The accusers thought they were bewitched by them when it was really just a hallucinations.


Yes, it was solved by the president and the court. They stopped them because the trials were unjust to the people who were accused. They released everyone that was imprisoned for being a “witch”. After that, salem was apologetic to all of the innocent people they accused. After that, a day was created for the witch trials tragedy. Even though to this day the salem witch trials have left a depressing legacy on Massachusetts.

In this picture the two girls standing up are being accused for being a “witch” by the other girls that are pointing at them.

This is a picture of what most people believe is the Loch Ness Monster. The lake where the monster lives is in Scotland, that is where the photographer probably took the picture.

Background information:

The Loch Ness Monster looks like a giant sea serpent,( as seen in the picture). It also lives in Scotland’s lake, called Loch Ness. People have been claiming to see the monster for 1500 years in the lake. Even people today claim to see the monster of The Loch. What could this cause for the Monster.

Cause :

A couple claimed to see The Loch Ness Monster in 1933. This cause a London News to have a lot of features in their news paper. So they offered Scotland and circuses a deal. The deal was if they captured the monster then will get thousands of pound of sterling. Even though the monster might not be real.


Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster like the one by the couple draw in tourist. This affects the economy of Scotland. It gives Scotland more money. It also might add to their population. Which is also a way of increasing economics. This is how The Loch Ness Monster effects Scotland and it’s economy.

Unicorns: Where they came from?

Unicorn, detail from “The lady and the Unicorn” tapestry, late 15th century; in the Giraudon/

Art resource, New York

Past-day View of The Unicorn:

When you think of Unicorn you might think of a beautiful white horse, with a flowy mane, running through the forest, with a single horn on it's forehead. Throughout history Unicorns were identified as many different things, and many different types of Unicorns, going from the beautiful white body, white horn, to goat body and a colored horn. Of course, each have different versions, because everyone has a different perspective of this animal. But doesn’t everyone really know where it came from, when it first appeared, and how it got here. I bet not!

Unicorns were have believed to walk this Earth at some point, in present or in past. Whenever it was, they still did at one point. Believe it or not. Unicorns were first spotted in Mesopotamian Artworks1, also in ancient India and China. They are said to resemble a horse or ‘A kid with a single horn on it's forehead.’ Of course, it does have it's own roots of the word coming from Greek and Latin (Greek being Monokeros and Latin being Unicornis). It was named by a historian named Ctesias1(c. 400 bce). He found it coming from the Indian donkey, with a colored horn. It was said, that those who drink from a Unicorn's horn would be protected from Stomach trouble, epilepsy2, and poison. Many tried to capture it but it was a very difficult animal to catch.

Present-day view of The Unicorn whilst standing on a rock, in the clouds

Present-day View of The Unicorn:

The view of Unicorns have changed over the decades, many still believe they still walk this Earth, as so do I. The Present-day Unicorn is very different than the Past-day Unicorn. This Unicorn today is more elegant and beautiful, than it used to be preseved as. Unicorns used to sometimes have goat bodies, hooves of a horse and a single-horn. But they took away those combinations, and replaced it with a white body, beautiful mane and tail, and a single-horn.

There isn’t much information today on Unicorns. But many still try to capture it, as they only get glimpses or a few glances. Many try to form it, such as Barium and Bailey3, they somehow managed to fuse the two horns of a white goat named Lancelot, for their fans in the 1980’s. If it turned out well, that is unknown to me. Unfortunately, there isn’t many information on Unicorns, since many haven’t been spotted.

By: Nadia Mejia Perez

Mermen are half human and half fish. Some mermen have beards that are made of seaweed. Other mermen can wield magic and others can do things such as cure an illness, lift curses, and brew points. Mermaen can create huge destruction if they come close to a human civilization. The first merman was called Glaucus, he turned into a merman after finding grass that had magical powers. As soon as he ate the grass he quickly turned into a merman! It is said that merman are really hideous and that in able for them to stay underwater they must wear a red cap on their head if not, they will not be able to breath and would not be able to go back home.

When pirates first saw mermen they could not believe what they had seen. The pirates thought that the Mermaids and Mermen were worth gold so they set out to hunt them. But to the pirates surprise the mermaids were well prepared they had a plan. The mermaids would take them and turn them into mermen and let their younger sister marry them( which their younger sisters were ugly). I hope you learned to not mess with mermaids and mermen because you probably would not end well!!!!

People believe this is what merman look like A man half human, half fish, holding the trident of the sea.


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Merman by Nadia Mejia-Perez(Description)

Salem witch trials by Brook Wright(problem and solution)

Unicorns by Dakota Klemm-Smith(sequence in order)

Loch Ness Monster by Brook Wright(cause and effect)

Mermaids and Merman by Phyllis Wilkerson(compare and contrast)

Specific Vocabulary:

Fungus Ergot- is found in cereals and rye, they cause hallucinations to humans.

Mythology- is the legends and myths people in history believed in, like greek myths or religions.

Mermen- are half men and half fish

Mermaids- are half women and half fish

Wield- To be able to use power or influence

Ctesias- Greek physician and historian of Persia and India

Epilepsy- A disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures.

Barium and Bailey- A circus foundation.


1)Where is salem now( the state)?

2)How many people were accused of being a “witch”?

3)What are mermaids?

4)What are mermen?

5)How are mermaid and mermen similar?

6)What is fungus ergot?

7)What is a unicorn?

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