The Case of the Escaped Felon by Alyssa Mercado

This is Ameila.

On a surprisingly cold, spring day in San Antonio, Texas, 19-year-old college student Amelia Fuentes sat in Room G29, listening to her professor, to whom she saw more as a lecturer, ramble and ramble on about why Brazil’s former president got impeached for business matters.

Thankfully, she got some closure when she heard her professor say,“Class is dismissed. See you all on Wednesday!”

Amelia picked up her belongings and left the room. Why did I choose to take Business Crime class? I should've taken Cases in Courts. Everyone loves that class. Amelia thought. Nonetheless, she chose to have Criminal Justice as her major. It was something she loved to do.

As she was walking to her car to go get lunch, Amelia's best friend Stella called her over.

“Hey Amelia, Ms. Sansa handed this out in MCJO class, and I thought you'd like to see it. It’s an part-time internship over at ICE. You should sign up for it.” Stella encouraged.

“I’ll check it out later on. I’ll let you know as soon as I can, because right now I'm starving.” Amelia laughed.

Amelia got into her car, drove to Chick-Fil-A to pick up some lunch, and drove to her apartment. Thank god that I’m done with classes for the day. She thought to herself. She felt physically exhausted, and that might have been to the fact that she stayed up until 3 am studying for an Investigations test.

Later on, Amelia got a call from her mom, who was up in Washington D.C. with her dad. After chatting for a little while, she told her mom about the ICE internship, and how she had been thinking about taking it.

"I think it'd be a great idea to apply for the internship." Angelina's mom said. "It would be great for experience, and since it's part-time, you won't have to worry so much about balancing school and getting a job."

After ending the call, Amelia got the flyer she received, went on her laptop, and typed in the website on the page. She read up on the internship, and applied for it. She was told that she was to be notified of her status in a few weeks.

About three weeks later, Amelia got a phone call from a number she didn't recognize. It was from ICE, and they had told her that she had been accepted for the internship, After clarifying a few things with them, she was told that she would be starting the next day.

Amelia’s first week as an intern was a blur. Guaranteed, it was nice. She made some friends, and learned the basics around the office, but that was it. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it, she thought. It was great so far, but Amelia felt like something was lacking. However, her second week was the polar opposite of her first. All offices across the U.S. got a report that one of the people on ICE's Most Wanted list escaped a prison, and was nowhere to be found. Everyone was called into the conference room for an emergency meeting.

“The last place that the convict was tracked was in New York City. He escaped from Lincoln Correctional Facility last night at about 11:35 PM, and attempted to help 24 other convicts escape. There are no ways we can track him as of now.” Mr. Wilson said. Mr. Wilson was the director of the San Antonio office, which was one of the most important offices nationwide.

While Mr. Wilson was speaking, Amelia got an idea. "Mr. Wilson, I apologize for the interruption, but have the facility staff tried tracking his ankle monitor?" Amelia asked.

"I don't believe they have. Thank you for the suggestion. I will notify them of that." Mr. Wilson said.

Amelia went home a few hours later, after doing some more research and reports. She ate, cleaned, and relaxed at her apartment, but right as she was going to sleep, she got a call from Mr. Wilson. He had told her that he had suggested the idea to the Lincoln facility, and that they wanted her to go up to New York City.

“The government would pay for your trip, considering you are going up there on government business, and we could arrange everything with your teachers. We’d need you up there for about a month, but if needed, we would have you up there longer.” Mr. Wilson stated.

"I would love to go." Amelia told Mr. Wilson.

The next morning, Amelia was on a flight to New York City. After a few hours, she was there, and decided to rest for the day to get set up for the next.

The next few days were similar to the first few days of Amelia’s internship. They were nice, but missing action. They were missing adventure. One day, however, things turned around. As Amelia and the other analysts were looking for ways to track the ankle monitor, they discovered they needed a password to get the location, but no one knew the password. The person who knew the password happened to be on vacation. How convenient. Amelia sarcastically thought. Someone important is out right when we need them. How did I not see this coming?

Then, Amelia got another idea. She went up to Mackenzie, one of the analysts at the office, and asked her if their office had hackers.

“Yes, they're on Floor 17. Why?”Mackenzie asked.

“We could get them to hack into the system and get the location. I mean, I know that hacking into our own database isn’t the best idea, but if your director gives us a thumbs up, we could find him. We need to find him as soon as we can.” Amelia said.

“You’re right. I’ll have Jack call the director right away.” Mackenzie said, referring to another analyst.

A few minutes later, Jack, the other analyst, came running into the room. “The director said we could. The hackers are already working on overriding the system. We should have his location in a few minutes.” They waited for about 10 minutes, and then got the e-mail with the man’s location.

“He’s in Toronto.” Amelia said.

“Why would he be in Canada?” Mackenzie asked.

“Canada accepts almost everyone, so it would be smart of him to go over there.” Jack clarified.

“Okay. I’m calling the director so they can send agents out ASAP.” Mackenzie announced.

A while later, the agents were on their way to catch the felon, so Amelia, Jack, and Mackenzie went to celebrate. They took Amelia to a grill called Promenade. When they got there, they ordered some food, talked, laughed, and had fun. Sadly, the night was coming to an end. Since she had finished the case early, Amelia had to leave. She was beginning to love New York City, and was sad that she’d have to be leaving. She felt like it was her new home.

A picture of the inside of Promenade.

As she was packing up her things the next morning, Amelia got a call from the New York director.

“Hello Mrs. Nash,” she spoke, referring to her temporary boss, “How may I help you?”

“Hello Ms. Fuentes. I've called to speak to you about something very important.”

“I'm all ears.” Amelia said.

“I’ve spoken to Mr. Wilson, and to your college dean, and we would like to offer you a permanent job in New York City with ICE.” Mrs. Nash explained.

Amelia was astonished, to say the least.

“Mrs. Nash, I honestly don’t know what to say. I’d be honored to work with ICE, but I have college, and all of my belongings are still back in San Antonio.”

“We can arrange your belongings being moved, but you’d need to find an apartment. As for college, we could pay for some of your student loans if you attended NYU.” Mrs. Nash said.

“If it can be arranged, I would love to work with you all.” She happily confirmed.

“Alright. See you Monday, Ms. Fuentes. Goodbye.”

In the end, The New York Analysts got a new member to their team, and she helped ICE catch their Most Wanted felon, and keep him locked up for good.

The End

Amelia looking at New York in her apartment.


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