Clear Water Utopia Jenna Buck,MAdi Garrett,Mckenzie McMulleN,Mia WEidenbach

This is the map of our community. (Not drawn to scale)

These are our large cabanas, they fit many types of families.

These are our smaller cabanas for smaller families.

This is our school, and the grade levels go from kindergarten-seniors in high school.

This is the Aquarius Park.

Here in Clear Water, we will have sports such as swimming.

Basketball,Volleyball,Tennis,Playgrounds,Trails and many more sports.

In our community we will be offering Health Care jobs such as: Doctors,Dentist,and Nurses.

As well as Teachers and Preachers.

Jobs for around the community are: cosmetologist, Store Clerk, Food Worker, Fisher Man, Money Collector, Clothes Worker.

Clear Water Constitution

Our community's purpose is to have a healthy way of life and to help each and every one in the community.

This is our community's flag.

We will be using seashells as our currency.

Thank you for your time! We will now answer any question you may have.

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