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The Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine in 1807. He was the second child in a soon to be family of eight. As a child, Henry was known as a kid with an extreme imagination, he also had a thirst for learning. When Henry was five he was sent to a private academy, where his brother was also enrolled. Them two had focused their studies on literature and languages and Henry was considered a writer at heart. He was very young when War of 1812 hit. It was hard for him and his whole family. At 13 Henry published his first ever poem in the “Portland Gazette”. He signed it “HENRY’ and the poem was called “The Battle of Lovell’s Pond”. This poem was about a heroic tale about a fight between Colonists and Indians. It had appeared on the front page of the “Portland Gazette”. He later heard people talking about the poem and how bad it was. Henry had heard these comments but still had a thirst for poetry. Just one year later he had passed the entrance exam for Maine's first college( Bowdoin College in Brunswick). Now onto Longfellow's college years. In 1822 Henry had started his sophomore year with his brother. They both had graduated the college in 1825. During Longfellow’s college life his passion for poetry grew exponentially, but his father though he should do different. Henry’s father, Stephen, had been worrying about him so he argued with Henry to take up law. But Henry refused and kept on doing what he loved, poetry. Throughout his career Longfellow had been influenced by his past. Henry would go through his career becoming very well known. Later in 1831 he will marry Mary Potter. But sadly years later in 1835 his wife dies. Later in 1843 marries a different woman, who is called Fanny. Again sadly she dies too in 1861. Throughout all of this Henry keeps writing. Then sadly Henry Wadsworth Longfellow dies at age 75 on 1882. He had published many great works that influenced many.

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