Hello, my name is Diana Griffin, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who is passionate about all things arty! My foundation in traditional art has informed my digital work and as a result I have the ability to make my digital work look like it was created through traditional means. By working this way I can avail of the opportunities that the digital medium provides ( able to fix mistakes easily) whilst also retaining my personal style. My inspirations mainly lie in the traditional realm, these inspirations include: Beatrix Potter, illustrator of Peter Rabbit, John Tenniel, illustrator of Alice and Wonderland, Andrew Loomis, commercial artist, H.R. Geiger, concept artist for Alien (1979). My area of expertise is not only limited to the traditional realm, I have proved to be proficient at adapting to modern digital styles that require vector based outputs.


Awards and certificates

final year Project

For my final year project I created an interactive comic book. This project was originally pitched by myself and was one of the projects chosen to get the go ahead. It was completed by a group consisting of two people (myself included) and the occasional helper. I was in charge of the visual portion of the project whilst my other team member was responsible for the sound portion. Click the button below to get a look at my FYP, (it may take a while to load some of the pages, it depends on your internet) or simply have a gander at the image collage below. I hope you enjoy. This project was shortlisted in the first frame category at the Virgin Media Dublin international Film Festival.

Panel pages from FYP

wall design

The piece below was designed to fit a wall with a peaked ceiling to the right. It was created using Adobe Illustrator.

Merchant Princes

I completed the pieces below for Merchant Princes by Vincent O'Mahoney. The portrait is one of four portraits completed for the cover of the book and the street is an interior illustration. Click button below to be redirected to the Merchant Princes Facebook Page.

Personal Projects

Children's book illustration
Parisian Street (Photoshop)
the power of music (Photoshop)
Christmas card design
digital watercolour (Clip Studio Paint)
Watercolour Fox (Clip Studio Paint)
Life and death (Clip Studio Paint)
Character in a project that I am developing (photoshop)
Present for a friend (traditional)
Present for a friend (illustrator)


Branding for my final year project

video work

Portfolio Review

Brendan McCarthy

I was fortunate enough to meet Brendan McCarthy (unfortunately he is blocking my face in the photo) at a student talk that took place whilst I was attending college at ITTralee. Brendan McCarthy is widely recognized for writing the screenplay of Mad Max Fury Road and illustrating the comic book associated with this title. I had the opportunity to present my portfolio for review to him and he remarked that my work is of a professional level, good enough for Marvel or DC comics.

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