Portfolio By chRis joach

Hello my name is Christopher but everyone calls me chris. Im 16 and a junior in high school. I've always been someone who doodles on everything and now I'm in a class where we take doodling to the next level.

This is my first drawing of my hand. This taught me how to draw what I see not what I think.

This is my second. This taught me about the importance of value. I I had to go back and change this I was definitely add more shades to the car to give it that 3-d look.

This is my third drawing. I tried my best to make it seem as if the marble was far away.

This is my fourth drawing. Although it didn't come out as good as I wanted it I think the best part of this drawing is the wheel because of its detail.

This is my fifth. In This drawing I tried to focus on texture and value.

This is my sixth. It make out ok but I would definitely add some texture and value to my hair and face.

This is my seventh drawing. There's not that much detail in it but it looks nice.

This is my eighth drawing. This is a corner out side of our art room . The garbage can in the picture is where I spit my gum out every day.

This is my ninth and final drawing for the semester . My second drawing compared to my first is a lot better.

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