World War ll: Japanese Internment Camps BY:Rae-onna Brewington

Japanese Americans living the West Coast were being put into internment camps and deemed as unsafe to the American people. This came into play after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Families were taken away from their homes and put into these camps to basically be under watch 24/7. Japanese-Americans were charged with the crime of being from Japanese descent. 110,000 to 120,000 people were put into internment camps.

The pros of the internment camps meant more protection for Americans in the United States. By placing Japanese Americans in these camps it made it easier to keep all people of interest in bombing Pearl Harbor. So, the United States wouldn't face another tragedy as this one. A con of the internment camps is that Japanese-American families were being divided and separated. Experiments were being done on these people and they also lived in poor conditions in these camps.

I think by putting Japanese-Americans on these camps is a remake of the Holocaust. Japanese-Americans were treated unfairly and experimented on. Yes, troops from Japan came over to the United States and bombed Pearl Harbor. The people that were involved in the bombing should be punished, not innocent people. Then again, there’s no telling who was involved in the bombing. It could have been anyone from Japanese descent. Thinking that was the reason for the camps. I am kind of in between on this topic because putting everyone in a camp is wrong. Reminding myself that people from Japan also bombed Pearl Harbor and could be in the United States is something to be concerned about as well.

Created By
Bridget Brewington


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