Macbeth Zach SOUTH

Macbeth and Banquo have fought and defeated two separate armies. Due to these events, when the battle had concluded, three witches came to crown Macbeth Thane of Cowdor, soon to be King of Scotland.
King Duncan’s men come to thank the two generals for their victories in battle and to tell Macbeth that he has been named thane of Cawdor.
Lady Macbeth asked Macbeth to kill Duncan so he could become King. Due to his sons leaving Scotland. Macbeth killed Duncan soon after.
Macbeth sees Duncan's ghost... guilty conscience.
Macbeth then has three assassins kill Banqou and his son, his son escapes.
Macbeth then sees Banquos ghost at the feast... Again, Macbeth has been filled with fear and goes to see the witches.
The witches warn Macbeth about Macduff, Macduff does not want Macbeth to receive the throne. Later on his family was executed for himself fleeing to England.
Macduff and Prince Malcolm set forth towards Dunsinane Castle with their 10,000 man army to overthrow Macbeth from the throne.
Macbeth gains knowledge of Macduff and his army coming to fight. Macbeth fears the the "not of woman born" Macduff. As the battle proceeds, the 10,000 man army overcomes the fortified castle and take over Macbeth. Macduff be-heads Macbeth and allows Malcolm to become the King of Scotland.


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