Gator Gazette Volume 2 Issue 2

October 2020

Fall is officially here. Other than spring, fall is my favorite season. I have really enjoyed the cooler days and the start of football season. I am excited about the leaves changing colors. Is normalcy beginning to return? I have enjoyed watching the students get outside and playing without the extreme temperatures. It seems as if everyone’s energy level has increased too. Our school year is off to a great start, and we would like to thank you for all that you are doing to make that possible. Thank you for working with your students on being safe and staying healthy.

I would like to encourage you to spend some time outdoors with your kids during the fall. Fall is the perfect time to experience some explorations with your kids. Our north Georgia mountains are perfect for bonding and teaching your students about the great outdoors. Our leaves are beginning to change colors and the views will be breathtaking over the next few weeks. Our students love building things with their hands. Try building a fire pit with your kids. Fire pits are simple and cheap to build, and will provide warmth for evenings spent outdoors with your family. Making smores is also a great way to utilize a fire pit. Carving pumpkins is another favorite of mine. For just a few dollars, your children will have a fun evening being creative. Then, you can bake the pumpkin seeds for a nutritious snack!

Walker County Schools will be closed for fall break October 12th-October 16th. I am excited about the week off, and hoping we have great weather that week. I plan on having some adventures during the week. I hope you take the time to enjoy your kids during our fall break. Have fun being creative and allowing them to show their many talents.

September Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Staff Member of the Month, Mrs. Kesha Swanson! Mrs. Swanson makes 5th grade math and science exciting and meaningful for our students! We are blessed to have her at GES! 💚💙

LHS Spirit Week

October 19-23 is LHS Homecoming week. We invite our Gilbert Gators to show their school spirit by dressing up each day in the following themes:

  • 9/19 ‘Merica Monday – wear your red, white and blue.
  • 9/20 Generations Day – dress as senior citizens, middle aged, college-aged, or even babies!
  • 9/21 City vs. Country – dress up in fancy city clothes or your country clothes (overalls, etc.)
  • 9/22 Rockers vs. Rappers – dress up as your favorite rocker or rapper
  • 9/23 Orange and Black Day – wear your orange and black to support the Ramblers!

Congratulations to our September Gators of the Month for being RESPECT!

  • Pre K Lathan Edgeman
  • Kindergarten Hendrix Walker
  • 1st Grade Jackston Stoker
  • 2nd Grade Kindle White
  • 3rd Grade Jude Baker
  • 4th Grade Molly McHugh
  • 5th Grade Da’Jon Careathers
  • CBE Trista Hathorn

Our overall winner for Gator of the Month and winner of the prize pack was Da’Jon Careathers. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of our Gators of the Month!

What is the yummiest way to learn about the 3 states of matter? Making homemade ice cream, of course! 💙💚

Science has never tasted better!

It’s GA PreK Week! We are blessed with the best PreK teachers at GES! 💙💚

We love our PRE-K Teachers and Students!

Dates to Know

  • Oct 12- 16 Fall Break
  • Oct 19- 23 LHS Homecoming Spirit Week
  • Oct 19 ‘Merica Monday
  • Oct 20 Generations Day
  • Oct 21 City Vs. Country Day
  • Oct 22 Rockers vs. Rappers
  • Oct 23 Orange & Black Day
  • Oct 28 Wear Red for RED RIBBON Week
  • Oct 29 PBIS Hat Day Fundraiser
  • Oct 30 Halloween Dress Up Day - No Scary Costumes. No Props.
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