Peaceful Protests - SymbolisTic Artwork

Adding visual aspects of peaceful protests, similar to famous artwork or signs that devote much emotion to the situation, the imagery will leave much meaning to the aspect of the problems. Throughout the times of racial segregation in the 1950's and 1960's many artest were attracted to the movement and viewed ways to produce art, to show the damage of racial segregation in the society's that pro-segregated.

Many famous artists like Jack Whittens skill producing art. Presenting the violence and the horror that is being created from racial segregation caused from bus seatings arrangements and the poor qualities of a colored person, sets the environment to understand the pain that is being pursued for absolute no reason. One artist who's artwork has much recognition and meaning by a man named Norman Rockwell .

Norman Rockwell's heteroclite artwork and creative mind really represents his artwork. As the picture shown above shows the white kids leaning towards the colored siblings showing signs of dislike because of the way the white kids are leaning. The colored siblings seem to be calm and upset while standing a distance away, both sides are unhappy and discomforted to my understanding because they are not equivalent skin color and are told to stay away from the colored children, by the racist and self minded adults. As the truck is sitting there, later realizing the colored family is moving into a district with white people. Living in a white community back then when being black was very uncomfortable due to the fact that your family will be threatened and possibly killed by white people trying to blow up your house or maybe murdered because of the color of your skin.

Which were common during the time of the civil rights movement. But Norman Rockwells art truly portrays a meaning and a message, meant to be seen and should be obeyed. Finalizing how art affected the civil rights movement. The art wasn't truly seen for what it was meant to be. After most racial segregation and confrontations were over the art was seen in detail, people weren't looking at art to help play a significant role. Colored and white people were working hard physically on the ground protesting with signs that displays meaningful artwork to add more of the emotional aspects to lessen the amount of racial problems throughout the world.

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