Propaganda Theory Kim Montuoro

The Ultimate goal of propaganda is to change the way people act and to leave them believing those actions are voluntary, that the newly adopted behaviors--and the opinions underlying them--are their own
Black- Purposefully Lying
White- Pushing what elites considered to be good ideals
Gray- Might or might not be lying but no one wants to put in the work to find out

Most propaganda during the 1930's were strongly influenced by behaviorism, freudianism, or some combination of the two

SCHOLARLY ARTICLE: Analyzing The Effectiveness of al Qaeda's Online Influence Operations By Means Of Propaganda Theory

Founded by Osama bin Laden in 1988

Research Questions:

1. Does al Qaeda follow the parameters set out by theories of propaganda to wage a successful online propaganda campaign

2. Are al Qaeda's online propaganda operations successful in radicalizing recruits

They defined successful recruiting as individuals engaging in physical acts of terrorism

Their main use of media is for recruitment and scare tactics

Case Study #1 9/11/2001
Case Study #2 2010
Common types of propaganda used today

Transfer Propaganda

Testimonial Propaganda

Glittering Generalizations

Plain Folk

Card Stacking Propaganda


Al Qaeda’s online propaganda operations do not recruit nearly enough individuals to be considered successful.

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