Power By: Elijah

Reward Power

It is simply the power of a manager to give some type of reward to an employee as a means to influence the employee to act. PRO: People can get more things done when they think of the urge to get the reward. CON: The supplier of the reward could run out and the employee could get angry.

Referent Power

It is based on the leader's likeability. People often do what the leader wants because they like them. EXMP: If the leader is your favorite football player. PRO: The leader can positively encourage people to get things done quicker. CON: The leader can falsly use his or her power.

Legitimate Power

It is based on the leader's postion in the group. PRO: The people will respect and respond to him or her in that position. CON: The followers could end up fearing the leader and they will not get anything done.

Information Power

Information Power: based on the leader's control or access of wanted information EXMP: A teacher teaching her student. PRO: The given information can be used to propose activities CON: The leader could inappropriately share decision makers' prefrences.

Expert Power

Expert Power: Based on a leader's experitise, skill, and knowledge. EXMP: a doctor, professor, or lawers. PRO: People can get the most accurate information from people who are considered the best in their class. CON: They could take advantage of people by feeding them false information.

Connection Power

Connection Power: It is based on who the leader knows and his or her relationships with them. EXMP: A highschool senior knows a parent who is an alumnus at a nearbye private college.PRO: Connections can help people obtain important things. CON: Connections can help people get things they don't deserve.

Coercive Power

Coercive Power: It is based on the leader's ability in invoke fear into the hearts of their followers. EXMP: A drill sargent, dictator. PRO: Sometimes, setting certain rules is the only way to get things done. CON: Threatening punishment doesn't help people recognize the value of a project.

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