Enough Confidence sPeaks volume

There's a first time for everything

2 girls I mentored during their discipleship training school

I did it! I defeated this season! I staffed my first discipleship training school! This season was insane! I saw so much physical and emotional healing happen in my students. I saw God provide over $30,000 in 1 hour for all of our students to go on outreach, I witnessed multiple healings of our students from back injuries to one of our students actually going to the doctors and he needed a liver transplant and his liver had miraculously healed, and lastly I saw myself grow in ways I never expected I would grow, God really stretched me and my ability to lead and guide my students. I realized that confidence speaks volume wherever you go whether your speaking into people's lives or teaching English to kids, confidence really does make an impact. People pay attention to how you display your identity and qualifications through your words and actions.

What's next?!

The Bridge School

My students! Incoming missionaries!

I will be co-leading a school called "The Bridge School" here at our missions organization we are visionaries seeking God on how we can best train and equip new incoming missionaries. The Bridge School is a secondary school that does just that, whether these students want to be staff at our base and help with the different ministries we offer in Colorado or if they want to move overseas and do ministry in other nations full time. It is our job to train and equip them into their calling. I will be leading this school alongside another couple and I am overjoyed to be able to be part of Gods work in helping these young adults navigate their way into missions whatever that may look like! I am so honored to be entrusted into this leadership role and that they saw leadership qualities in me and my heart for this school! I know the lord will do incredible things through them in this season.

Thank you

I always like ending my updates saying a thank you to people that have supported me and my ministry. Your love and support really is the backbone of why I do what I do. Through your love, encouragement, and support I am able to reach the nations and guide others into reaching the nations as well. Your the reason all of this is possible and I thank you for believing in me. Thank you everyone and I hope you had a great Easter. See you next month!

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