ElJay Pretzels

What does the sand that fills our beautiful beaches and ElJay Pretzels have in common? Just as each grain of sand differs, so do each of our hand crafted pretzels.

No two are exactly alike. We take pride in every twist, bun and stick we create, and hold the highest of standards to the quality we deliver*




Our wholesale pretzel journey began in 2011, where we served restaurants in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. In early 2015 we moved our operation to Pawleys Island, SC where we are now offering our products to restaurants, fundraising, food trucks, clubs and any organization seeking to find a profitable product to offer their customer community, as they proved to yield at least a 300% profit. Our commitment to quality begins with all natural ingredients. It continues through the careful attention given to each twist, bun, stick and bite, so that the flavor and appearance produces a memorable experience for your customers.*

What can we do with Social Media Marketing?

Currently ElJay Pretzels has very little social media exposure. They have a Facebook page that could use updating, an Instagram account that has never been utilized, and a Twitter account that was last used September of last year. In our opinion the reason being, is that the company does not have many employees and does not have anyone that is for lack of a better description is very social media savvy. We plan to change that. So we had to ask ourselves a couple of questions. How do we make this quick, easy, and fun, and how do we then measure the impact?

So how do we make this Quick, Easy, and Fun?-Canva

After researching ElJay Pretzels and understanding how they are currently operating the company, we decided that Canva would be the best option to market the company through social media. What really caught out eye about Canva was its ease of use. After all we want the team at ElJay Pretzels to be spending their time making great pretzels, not learning how to be design gurus.

So how do we measure our impact? -Social Mention

What is the use of doing all this if we don't even know if it is working? That is where Social Mention comes in. This resource allows us to see what people are saying about ElJay Pretzels. While allowing them to better be able to manage the reputation of their brand and see what their customers are saying about their product. It also shows the team at ElJays pretzels the impact that being active in social media can have on their brand.

We feel that the use of these two resources in conjunction with one another will be the best plan to ensure that ElJay Pretzels will have a social media presence.

Created By: Robert Branton

*ElJay Pretzel, (2017), http://www.eljaypretzels.com/index.html

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